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6 Reasons To Embrace Slow Business Blogging

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While we live in a fast paced world where nearly anything is available almost instantaneously, you’ll want to take the slow and thoughtful road when it comes to your blogging. There are several bloggers out there who blog every day, but that doesn’t mean that you should follow in their digital footsteps. One of the biggest reasons that contributes to the every day blog is that everyone and every business out there has a blog and they’re all fighting to keep the attention of their audience.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to retain your audience, there is something wrong with bombarding them with a new blog post every day. Give your readers some time to truly absorb and reflect on your blog post and give yourself time to properly research, write, proofread and edit your blog posts.

Something else to think about with updating your business blog every day is that you’re taking time away from the business and industry that you’re blogging about. Give yourself some time to learn more about your business and grow your own business rather than frantically searching several hours a day for the subject of your next blog post.


Still not convinced slow blogging is the way to go? Here are six reasons you’ll want to think about.

# 1. Slow blogs live longer

You want your blog to last just as long as your business does and grow as your business grows. If you’re the sole proprietor of your business, you’ll more than likely neglect some aspect of your business if you’re blogging each and every day. Think about it, rather than writing 30 blogs in a single month, you can stretch out those blogs over 30 weeks, which is roughly seven months. Blogging isn’t a dish that you zap in the microwave for a few minutes, it’s something that has to marinate and simmer in order to be properly enjoyed.

# 2. Commenting on other articles is a great marketing tool

By blogging once a week, you have more time to comment on other business blogs. Don’t see this as contributing to a rival business, see it as contributing to the industry. Remember that all of the readers of your blog aren’t fellow business owners, most of them are simply looking for relevant and factual information.

You never know how many new readers and potential clients/customers that you can snatch up simply by leaving a well-written and beneficial comment on another business blog. This is also a good way to make some business connections as well. If you do leave a comment, make sure that it’s not an obvious sales pitch. Not only will this rub readers the wrong way, you risk having that comment deleted by the owner of the blog. Always associate commenting with contributing.

# 3. Weekly blog posts don’t clutter inboxes

Think of how many emails you get on a daily basis that you only flick your eyes over the subject line before marking it for the trash. You want your readers to greet emails about new blog posts with a smile, not rolled eyes.

Be honest with yourself, can you really write a excellent blog post every single day of your life? Probably not. Give yourself time to do the research necessary to write your posts, rewrite your posts and proofread your posts for grammatical mistakes before you share them with the digital world. No one wants to subscribe to a blog where only one or two of the daily posts are free of run-on sentences, wrong word use and unhelpful information. You can’t rush greatness, so why rush yours?

# 4. Not every day is a good one

Just like you have good business days, you’re going to have bad ones. It’s all part of the game. If you happen to be having a bad business streak, it might show in your blog posts. You might think you’re sneaking in a rude comment about a client you don’t like or a contract that you were unable to secure only to find out that you weren’t as sneaky as you thought. What if that client or contract holder were to decide to check out your blog that day and potentially change their mind about doing business with you only to read how you really feel about them?

When you don’t blog every day, you give yourself time to cool down and sort your feelings out so that you don’t include those feelings in your blog post.

# 5. You’re going to have trouble coming up with posts every day

This relates back to neglecting your business by blogging every single day. Blogging every day demands that you have something to blog about. It can be rather daunting trying to come up with a fresh and exciting topic to blog about Every. Single. Day. You’ll find yourself scouring the Internet and wracking your brain trying to find something to write about. All of that searching might take you three hours, which is three hours that you could have spent advertising, marketing, writing out product descriptions, returning emails or doing anything else to build and maintain your business. What’s so great about every day blogging again?

# 6. You’re a businessperson, not a professional blogger

Remember the reason that you started your blog in the first place, because you wanted a way to build your audience, your business and your platform. Your business will still be there should you find out that you aren’t as good of a blogger as you are a businessman or businesswoman or sole proprietor. Keep your priorities in order and don’t let blogging consume you.

It’s a new toy, sooner or later it will lose its luster. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your blog seriously or give it the attention that it needs, just that you should realize that it’s a useful tool and not the final product that you’re striving to build.

If you’re someone who sets high goals for themselves and beats themselves up when they fail, think of how guilty and disappointed in yourself you’ll feel if you fail to blog every day. You don’t have time to waste with self-pitying, you’ve got a business to run and connections to make.

Give yourself the time you need to prepare a succulent and satisfying meal rather than having to grab some unhealthy fast food that you’ll regret eating the next day. Take your time and blog the right way, the slow way.

What are some of your reasons for keeping the blogging schedule you have, be it every day, every week or twice a week?

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