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Top 6 Reasons Your Business Should Join The Digital Revolution

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The second digital revolution happened when businesses learned of maximizing Google’s functions and features. Spanning for about 10 years (2000-2010), the emphasis is discovery thus the conceptualization of search engine optimization (SEO).

We are currently in the third digital revolution, and we can expect this to transpire until 2015. The highlight is utility specifically of mobile technologies and social media. The goal of the businesses is giving the prospects all the help when they need to include information, product and service.


With the ever-competitive digital marketing schema, the challenging is immersing and making sense of the future trends from 2015 and beyond. In the digital world, a business has an edge until the competition catches on. Here are the top reasons why your business should be jumping the digital revolution bandwagon.

#1. Utilize applications

The right technologies, systems and tools have already been developed. The more pressing issue now is how businesses will capitalize on these. The applications today are so advanced that any business can use them in strategic planning and implementation.

Those businesses that fail to adapt will find execution cumbersome now that virtual teams are becoming indispensable.

#2. Build brand

Brands must be built online where the majority of the prospects are found. The goal of modern businesses should be mindshare first before market share. In achieving such and winning the public’s dollars, the brand should be at the top of the consumers’ mind. Today, this is mostly possible through the use of social media including those that are consumed through mobile devices.

Again, those that will not adapt building brands online will lose not only the mindshare, but also the market share to their rivals.

#3. Data mine

Businesses keep own database of previous and present customers. With the help of online tools and analytics, businesses can create much better, well-targeted campaigns that speak directly to the interested consumers. Behavior targeting leads to better conversion activities.

Businesses that ignore the importance of such will only waste marketing budget in targeting the wrong consumers.

#4. Social integration

The business of social media is no longer about whether to utilize them or not, but rather which social media to utilize. Social media had already proven its potential in promoting a brand and its product and service offerings. Now, businesses may rely on social media in interacting with the prospects including in the customer service area.

The importance of social integration cannot be emphasized enough. If a business chooses to ignore its capacity deliberately, it is like ignoring future sales opportunities.

#5. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing will take over now that more and more consumers are bypassing desktops to access the web. Mobile devices are always kept at arm’s reach, and users expect an immediate response whenever they want the information.

Businesses must thereby strategize to include mobile marketing in the online marketing mix otherwise it will fail to capture the growing number of mobile-first consumers.

#6. Target localization

Why look elsewhere when what you need is already here? While consumers are generally brand conscious, they tend to prioritize the solutions presented to them quickly and easily. With the advent of technology, consumers can search and find most of their needs and then look for ways to access these solutions. Indeed, online businesses are becoming more boundary-less, but there are several niches and categories that can only target the locals (i.e. service sectors such as plumbers, dentists, etc.).

Let the local consumers find you through geo-targeting so they will find your business and not your rival’s.

Mobile technologies – both hardware and software – are so important nowadays. Essentially, these technologies often have the ‘social’ component which means that conversations may occur wherever the prospects may be and at the time whenever they feel the itch to interact with your brand.

This means that the public is spending more time on their smartphones and tablets. Some of them are ACTUALLY your existing customers and prospects. In the US alone, about 71% of the total population is using their mobile devices in conducting searches, and that was in 2011!

Did you know, however, that Asians are the fastest adopters of new technologies? While access to a computer is generally low, mobile device adoption per individual is very high. If you are a business in the Philippines, for instance, and you make your website responsive, the site will soon give you access to Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indonesian customers, among others.

The digital revolution had already started. Get caught up now or get left behind later? It’s your call.

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