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5 Websites to Get More Out of Social Media Marketing

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Have a business? Want to spread the word about it? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t engage in online marketing. Research shows that the majority of customers approach your business online. And online reviews impact the buying decisions of

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media marketing is the in-vogue thing these days. There’s no second thought to it. And that’s not without any reason. Social media marketing helps you:

  • connect with existing, as well as, new customers.
  • get a close and personal view of your target audience.
  • tend to the problems immediately.

And with social media, you can do all these quite effectively.

So, Are You Using Social Media Already?

If you are using social media marketing for your business, then you might be reaping the benefits already.

Did you know that you can get more out of your social media marketing?

Of course, you can. And for that, all you need are a few social media tools. Some tools, which can help you create an effective social media strategy.

So, here’s a quick look at some of the tools that can help to take the social media marketing campaign for your business to the next level.

#1. BuzzSumo

Want to know which contents are being shared all across the social media platforms?

It’s not difficult to find that any more. All you need to have is BuzzSumo. You can even get to know the major influencers in your field of work.

So, here are the things that BuzzSumo will help you get hold of the in-trend:

  • articles
  • guest posts
  • infographics
  • interviews
  • videos
  • giveaways

You can avail of this tool also to have a look at the major influencers in your industry.

This tool can be used in both paid as well as free versions, according to the requirement of your business.

#2. Canva

Do you use only text in your social media marketing campaign?

Of course not.

You must be using a lot of images in your social media marketing endeavors. Because, as that old adage says, an image speaks a thousand words. So they make it easier for you to connect with your target audience in the shortest possible time.

But the optimum image sizes for different social media platforms vary so it’s difficult to remember them at times.

So, won’t it be great if you could get a platform, which has templates of all sizes of images accepted by different social networks?

Canva offers you just that. And more. With its rich store of images, you can give amazing looks to your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.


Visual marketing is the call of the day. And speak about visual marketing in the recent times, you can’t ignore infographics. They are everywhere these days.

As Jeff Bullas, the industry expert, says, infographics are the perfect components to help to “take 1,000 words and help people digest that information in only a few seconds”. So, you need to integrate it in your social media marketing.

But creating an infographic isn’t an easy task. And if you are not a trained designer, it will take a long time for you to complete one.

But with websites like around, it is not that difficult to create the best infographics. This platform has different components, which you’ll need to design it. These include, among others, the:

  • themes
  • timelines
  • language maps
  • bubble charts
  • Pictograms and treemaps

So, with, creating an infographic becomes a no-brainer andyou can now share the infographics through social media to reach out to maximum number of your target audience.

#4. Buffer

People are active on different social media accounts at various days and times. For example, it’s best to post on Facebook on Thursday and Friday, while Twitter sees maximum activities on Saturday and Sunday. And if you are planning to post on LinkedIn, you should target Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for maximum returns.

Now, keeping all these in mind isn’t an easy task. And it’s even more difficult to ensure that you are able to post to these social networks on the right days, at the right time, without fail.

So, what’s the best way to ensure that you are able to perform these tasks without fail?

You need to automate the process of posting the updates on different social media profiles. It will ensure that you are able to create the right posts at the right time, which will help to increase your social media marketing ROI.

So, is there a way to queue your posts on these social media platforms and automate the process of posting them?

In fact, there is an amazing tool, which you can use to reach out to your audience at the right time with the right kind of content.

It’s Buffer — a popular website, which provides you with the chance of scheduling your posts from before.

So, you can now remain assured that no matter where you are, your posts will be shared on social media at the right time. In addition, Buffer provides you with the chance of gauging the performance of your social media posts.

#5. Animoto

Social media marketing is not all about text and images. The impact of your posts can be increased significantly if you use a video. According to a study, more people share their personal videos on Facebook these days than on YouTube. So, it is essential to create proper videos and integrate them in your social media marketing procedure.

It isn’t difficult these days to capture a video. Your smartphones can come to your rescue. You can also use a few imagers and animate them to create a video. But posting a completely personal video or images on social media might not always work. So, at times, you might like to edit it a bit, like adding some captions and so on. One of the best platforms to help you with it is Animoto. It can turn out to be your faithful friend during your shift from text-based social media updates to fascinating videos that are sure to attract your target audience.

Social media should be an integral part of the online marketing campaign of your business by now. And it surely is. These tools and a few more can help you add a new dimension to the social media campaign and increase your profit in no time at all.

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