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5 Ways to Attract More Leads Through Your Website

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The business owner is happy when the phone rings with customers. Many entrepreneurs think that having a website, running a PPC or SEO campaign and displaying a contact form are enough to generate leads. Alas, that will fail. The reason being the incorrect understanding of customer behavior.

This post will help you uncover the psychologies that affect customer behavior and persuade them to fill in the form and become a quality lead. It all depends upon the marketing message you are giving out to your site visitors. If it’s good, traffic and leads will come flooding in or else other customers are intelligent enough to ignore blatant offers. It is also advisable to have a look at your competitors marketing strategy to see what they are using as a tactic to generate more leads for their business.

Here are my top 5 trusted tactics to generate more leads through your website. After all, action is the real measure of analytics:

#1. Use High Quality Visuals to Deliver a clear Brand Message

There is nothing more powerful in a marketing campaign than a stunning high quality image. It has been rightly said that an image is worth a 1000 words. Brands looking to capture high quality leads shouldn’t forget to research the type of user persona they are targeting and then use an image that appropriately reflects that user persona. People who are able to relate to the images are more likely to fill up the forms.

Have a look at this excellent quality image used by

In yet another stunning example, have a look at the perfect combination of high quality images plus CTA buttons used by Advancedwriters on their website. This not only helps to attract visitors but also makes them take a certain action on the site in order to generate leads.


#2. Care For Your Mobile Audience – No More Creepy Forms That Keeps on Loading

rdioBrands are constantly losing their customers due to the lack of a mobile presence. With the  Google’s April 21st update, it was made clear that Google will be giving priority to sites that are offer a mobile friendly interface. If your websites still only relies on a desktop audience to get converted, it’s time to change. You should start optimizing your site for mobile as the ratio of leads obtained via mobile audiences will continue to increase.

All the contact forms and CTA that you have in your current site should be tested for the mobile user interface. Also, the speed of the website is going to play a crucial role here. Make your forms load instantly so that the mobile audience do not face any difficulty in filling out the forms.

Have a look at the below example of a mobile friendly sign up form by It has a limited number of fields enabling it to load faster, a clean interface and an easily noticeable CTA (Call to Action) button.

#3. Provide Choices To Your Customer – Do You Need “X” or “Y”?

If a choice is provided to a customer, they will choose one of them. If no choices are offered, they may or may not choose your offer. This is what an intelligent mix of human psychology and marketing behavior does.

  • If I ask you what would you like to have – a chocolate ice cream or a vanilla ice cream? What will you say? You will either say “Chocolate” or “Vanilla”.
  • Only in exceptional cases, people will say – “I don’t want either of these”.
  • But, what will happen, if I say “would you like to have a chocolate ice cream?”, you might say “yes” or “no”. In the second case, the percentage of people saying “no” increases as compared to the first case.

You get the idea here? If you want your customers to come to you, provide them with two choices that helps to get you a lead.

This is what RingBoost does in it’s home page. It smartly displays a contact us form and their contact number and provides two choices to the user. If the customer fills in the form, a lead is generated and if the customer calls them directly then a lead is also generated. A win-win situation in both the cases.


#4. Use Live Chat to Instantly Help Your Audience

One of the easiest and most useful ways to generate more leads is the use of live chat. Reaching out to your visitors is necessary to help convert them into customers and live chat is a great medium to help accomplish just that. Visitors often remain confused and need assistance at every step. What can be a better option than having human support? The long term conversion value of a chat system is huge. You want the customers to take a certain action and having such software is one of the effective mediums to improve your conversion rate.

Some of the well known live chat programs that you can use for your site includes Zopim, Olark, Comm100 and Kayako.

#5. Start a Relationship With Your Customer – Think of Long Term Retention Value

The core of the lead generation process is like establishing a relationship with your customer. It all starts with a lead generation process but in the long run it is like nurturing your customer. The whole customer relationship lifecycle is like growing a tree before it starts bearing the fruits. You will have to water it with trust and goodwill before the customer starts trusting you. All the smaller strategies are part of the bigger marketing process.

Think of benefiting a customer and think of the long term revenue that a single customer can provide for your businesses. Plan to include such elements in your landing pages that helps to win the trust of the customer. If you win the trust of the customer, you have better chances of retaining the customer for a longer period of time.

I hope this helps to make you think twice before you plan your marketing activities for acquiring leads. If you have any other suggestions then please share with us in the comments below.

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