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5 Tools That Form a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

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An effective social media strategy covers all bases of your online activity regarding getting your message across to your audience. This is done for the purpose of building your brand visibility and increasing your online sales.

That said, an effective social media strategy is a comprehensive one. It involves:

  • Social listening – Finding opportunities that mention your target keyword or brand name not only all social media platforms (networking sites, blogs, forums, community groups, Q&A sites, etc.)
  • Social outreach – Finding influencers and popular bloggers within your niche and share to them the content your have created
  • Social sharing and amplification – Boosting the reach of your content by sharing it to the right channels
  • Social ROI – Increasing clickthrough rate and visibility of your content to coincide with your social sharing campaign
  • Social engagement – Finding social media users that mention your brand and target keyword and create dialogue with them that you can turn into a relationship

Including all five factors in your social media strategy allows you to achieve your goals much faster and with efficiency.

If you are planning to supercharge your social media approach by applying these factors, then below are tools that will help you implement these correctly.


BuzzBundle Social Media Management Software Monitoring Marketing Tools

This tool lets you: Search for social sentiments and opportunities on the web.

If you are tracking mentions of your target keyword across all social platforms, running that keyword using BuzzBundle will return you hundreds and thousands of results. You can then apply the necessary actions on each item as you see fit for mining content ideas and building links, among others.

Matthew Woodward, one of UK’s top internet marketers, use BuzzBundle to leverage social mentions and get more visitors to his content, as he shares in this informative post.

“Buzzbundle reduces the amount of work to search and find the right target audience and simplifies connecting with them in just a couple simple steps,” says Matthew. “It is one of the greatest tools out there for traffic generation.”

To maximize your use of BuzzBundle, create a campaign for your keyword so you can monitor its activity on the web over time. Aside from this feature, you can also manage all your social media accounts in a single dashboard using this tool, as well as schedule messages that will be sent out to your social sites.

The software can be downloaded for free at limited functionality. You can unlock all features at a one-time payment of $199.

BuzzSumo Influencers

This tool lets you: Search for influencers within your niche and connect with them

Out of 38 blogging experts, 16 consider BuzzSumo as their blogging tool of choice.

This goes to show how BuzzSumo, a content marketing suite tool, is a valuable tool for marketers like yourself. It helps you research and gain insight into content for your keyword and create a monitoring campaign for brand mentions and competitor analysis.

content marketing Influencer Search

For social media, BuzzSumo’s Influencers feature lets you search for Twitter influencers for your keywords. The results are measured based on the:

  • Domain and Page Authority of the site they are associated with
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Retweet Ratio (percentage of retweets over total tweets)
  • Reply Ratio (percentage of tweets responded to over total tweets)
  • Average Retweets (number of retweets the influencers net from other users)

The idea here is to engage with influencers with the highest numbers of each of the factors mentioned above.

By building relationships with them, you can get them to retweet your posts, which then gets viewed and shared by thousands of their followers!

content marketing Influencer Search Joe Pulizzi

You can get in depth with the results of influencers by BuzzSumo by checking out the links they have shared. Checking out this data will give you a better understanding of the kind of posts they share and from which sites.

To unlock other premium features such as saving the results in a file, monitor alerts, and get more results for your content research, you will need to buy the Pro version for $79/month.


This tool lets you: Share your content on social media as efficiently as possible

Sharing content on social media can eat hours of your time in a week. You will have to set the time and date to promote your latest content.

The most time-consuming of all is maximizing your content promotions on Twitter.

Since tweets have a short shelf life, it is advised that you share your content multiple times on a day to increase the chances of getting more people to view your content.

Instead of laboring through this arduous task, you can set up your social sharing campaign with a single click using Buffer.

This tool simplifies the sharing process by queueing the posts you want to share on your specified social media account. By queueing them, Buffer will take care of setting the time and date, so you do not have to!

The tool supports Twitter, Facebook (profile, pages, and groups that you manage), LinkedIn (profile and pages), Pinterest, and Google+ pages.

The ease of scheduling your social media posts using Buffer has made a convert out of Harsh Argwal at Shout Me Loud.

“Using Bufferapp, you keep adding tweets into you stack and it will keep sending it out at scheduled time,” says Harsh in this post. “You can define time-slot for Tweets, and tweets will be sent in particular time slot from your buffer.”

Tweak Your Biz

The best feature of this post is the Power Scheduler. You can set up your social media posts in bulk and edit the time and date of each post from a single window.

To unlock this feature, you will have to purchase a Plan for as low as $10/month.


Sniply Social Media Conversion Home

This tool lets you: Increase ROI for the content you share on social media

Part of your social media campaign must be to content from different sources. Instead of just sharing content from your site, sharing highly useful posts from various sites will help you increase your online influence and usher thought leadership.

The possible issue that springs up with content curation is that you compromise sharing your content. Since the value is placed on providing your audience with relevant content, self-promotion takes a backseat, and rightfully so.

However, you can still promote your posts while promoting others from different sites using Sniply.

“A URL shortener boosts traffic to your site while sharing content to other sites,” says Michael Jenkins in this post on how can shape your social media strategy. “A terrific way to share influencers posts and encourage them to return the favor by sharing your content.”

By running your content sharing campaign using this tool on social media, visitors will see a call to action at the bottom of the page. This section can promote your best posts on your sites, landing pages, or sign-up form to your mailing list. The possibilities are endless!

The tool is free for use for 14 days, after which you will have to pay for as low as $29/month.

Twitter Community Management Dashboard Twitter Marketing Tool

This tool lets you: Build and fosters relationships with your social media leads

Developing a vibrant social media following is of utmost importance for social media marketers. By engaging them through different means, you can mobilize them to your calls to action much more effectively.

One way of building a social media community is using

This tool generates priorities on the different social media platforms you registered with the site that require your immediate attention. It also lists down social media users that you need to engage and build a rapport with to maximize your results.

You can also automate the outreach process by creating a campaign that thanks your current followers and retweets for the week. You can measure the results of your campaign and tweak them as you see fit.

Using for your social engagement campaigns streamlines your use of social media into a compelling and actionable dashboard.

“Working with is one of the most relaxing ways to engage with Twitter,” says Ruud Hein of Search Engine People. “There is no on-going stream of incoming tweets. This takes the pressure off. There is no multi-column view: you are single tasking, focused on one group of people, one set of priorities.” is free of use but with limited functionality. You can set up a 14-day trial for any of their paid option, after which you will have to pay for as low as $19.99/month.

Wrapping it all up

The tools mentioned above are just meant to help you achieve your goals in your social media strategy. Your success is dependent on how you use the tools about the plan you have set in place.

By designing and developing your strategy that plays to the strengths of these tools, you will meet your goal and experience success with social media in the long run!

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