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5 Tips To Create Your Gym’s Social Media Marketing Plan

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The demand for health clubs and gyms are rising with every passing day. The reason is simple. The rate of obesity is increasing at a fast pace. So, running a gym is probably one of the best business options these days. But, even if you own a gym, it doesn’t guarantee success. You need to take the proper steps to spread the word about it. And these days, with any type of business, you have to take advantage of internet marketing.

The same thing holds true for social media as well. It is probably the most important platform for marketing on the internet, especially for promoting your gym or any other type of B2C company. You can connect with people who are interested in your business or looking for creative and innovative ways to get fit and healthy. You need to plan any type of social media marketing for your gym prudently to reap maximum benefits from it.

#1. Create Your Gym’s Social Media Message

Any social media campaign starts with a message. Create one for your gym too. Tell your audience your USPs. Tell them what makes you different from your competitors. Is it your fitness schedule? Personal training program? Or something else? Communicate with them and let them know the unique ways you can help them. Social media is a perfect platform to connect with your potential customers and showcase your offerings. Make full use of it.

#2. Establish Yourself as an Exercising Expert

Are you already known as an expert in your particular field of fitness? If not, you can still be. Make full use of social media to connect with people who are interested in your offerings. Do you specialize in some specific form of exercise? Offer special tips on it. Allow people to ask you questions regarding that style of exercise on social media and answer them perfectly. This will help you build credibility among your potential customers. With rising popularity on social media, you are sure to experience better business.

#3. Respond Nicely and Regularly

Do not ignore any of the comments made by your potential customers on your social media profile. Respond to them on a regular basis. You need to be prudent in planning your replies as well. If you can do that perfectly, you might be able to win over a visitor and turn them into a customer. Remain updated about your social media profiles. Do not be too late to respond to the posts.

#4. Consistency is the Key

This is probably the most important thing that you need to focus on. You need to perform consistently. Maintain it in terms of:

  • Branding
  • Frequency
  • User engagement
  • Content

Branding: How people perceive your business is extremely important. So, you need to focus on it properly. You should create all your updates and messages on social media keeping this in mind. You need to ensure that none of your posts should contradict your brand image, as it might confuse the audience.

Frequency: How many times are you posting your messages on social media? This is one of the most important things consider while managing the social media marketing for your gym. Remember, most of the posts are usually available in the news feed just for a few hours. So, you need to develop the page in such a way that the reader creates an affinity to it, which is known as EdgeRank on Facebook. This frequency needs to be perfect, just as you wouldn’t want any of the members of your gym to exercise too much or too little.

User engagement: None of the users would return to your social media page if it’s not attractive, and this means your business will go down as well. So, make all of your updates interesting and engaging. Interact frequently and consistently with your followers to help ensure that user engagement is always high on your social media page.

#5. Does it always have to be so serious?

Absolutely not. Add a bit of fun to your social media marketing endeavors. Why don’t you add a simple question every now and then? Ask the visitors to your social media page to answer it. Or, you can also add two almost similar images and tell the people that they need to spot the differences in these two images. Just add these simple elements to include social games to perform your social media marketing to spice it up a little.

Social media is almost everywhere now. This means there’s absolutely no way you can avoid it while planning the online marketing for your gym. In fact, including it in your marketing calendar will only enhance your online presence and therefore, ensure increased business.

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