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5 Surefire Ways to Find a Compelling Blog Topic

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You want to write a blog.

So, what’s the first thing that you need to figure out?

The blog topic, of course. And it is not always easy to find it. In fact, if you are a professional writer, you must be knowing how tough it is to find the right topic for your blog. A topic that the readers will love, and will share like crazy. And when you can’t decide on a topic, you gradually see the writer’s block set in.

Now, if this happens, don’t ever think that you lack talent. No you don’t, and the great content that you’ve written in the past stand witness to this fact. In fact,

Ways to Find a Topic

Is it easy to find a blog topic?

Well, if you are a person who writes on a regular basis, you know the answer yourself – yes, it’s not that difficult. But know one thing for sure – if you are facing a writer’s block, it is going to be difficult for you to find the topic. And this is where you will need some research.

Here are a few quick tips, which can help you find the best topics for your blog. And in quick time too.

#1. Curate from Your Favorite Websites

Are you an avid reader? As a writer, you have to be a regular reader to ensure that you are never at a loss for words while writing. So, if you read online as well, you must know a few websites which you follow religiously? How many of them are there?

Go through the posts about a specific topic on all of these websites and create a list of your favorite ones. Among them, rank the top 10 posts and mention why you like them. Once you are done, share it.

Yes, you are done with your content without even knowing it!

So, you can create some amazing lists by using your favorite content or by curating the content you like.

While this can make a great topic, it will also make the people you are citing to take notice of your blog. And they will surely appreciate it.

#2. List the Tips or Mistakes from Your Experience

Did you perform really well with your business in recent times? How did you do that? Were you able to achieve targets before the schedule?

The steps that you followed might help you create a content.

Want to know how?

Just list them as the tips to follow to perform that task. You will soon find that a lot of people might actually follow those too.

Did you ever fail significantly while performing a task?

Never mind, it can also provide you with some components for creating great content. Just list the steps as the major mistakes to avoid while doing it.

So, your activities can themselves be good enough to provide you with the best blog topics.

#3. Books and Movies Can Help

Writer’s block arrives without knocking at your door. And you are stranded almost in the middle of the road, looking for some amazing blog topic that will connect well with your readers.

Why not look for it in a book?

Reading a book can give you some amazing topics for writing. A few of those might be mentioned directly. You might form ideas about others by having a personal perspective of various topics included in the book.

No, you don’t have to depend only on serious books. Even comics can light up an idea about some topic. Similarly, movies and television shows might also be equally helpful.

#4. Find Your Muse

Now, this can be done in so many ways! And this really helps.

In fact, you can find inspiration in various ways. Going to the theatre might help. Sometimes, a certain dialogue may bring some suggestion with it, which might drive you to create content. Even exploring some amazing sites on the internet, which are nowhere related to the subject you are trying to write on, might come in handy. You might find some topics and create blogs on them, which are liked by a lot of people on the internet. You never know, even the newspapers or news channels can turn out to be your perfect muse.

#5. Queries and Comments can be Great Sources

How long have you been running your business? Do you interact regularly with your customers?

Your customers must have some queries about your business. These can be related to many things, including the:

  • types of services you provide
  • how things work in your business

They might have posted questions related to some of the blogs that you have already posted. Have you been blogging a long time? Then you may have a large number of questions already.

Did you know that some of these questions can help you find your topics?

Select a question and try to figure out what the answer is expected to be. Include several other relevant aspects as well. You can even try to figure out the questions that might arise in the minds of your customers about your business and draft them in the form of a blog. Similar queries on other major industry blogs might come in handy for you to find a blog topic.

There are numerous websites these days and almost all of them might have a role to play in helping you find a few topics for your blog. Usually, these websites are programmed in such a way that they bring you a list of in-vogue topics. So, this ensures that what you are writing on are already trending and hence, people are expected to find them quite interesting. Thus, they are likely to become interesting blogs and enjoy a large number of shares amongst your target audience.

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