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5 Hot Tips To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Without a strategic vision, plan, goals and digital strategy in place, jumping straight into a

The steps below will lead to a conceptual plan for digital marketing that identifies what your business hopes to do and how best to do it.

#1. Set Goals

What do you hope to accomplish with digital marketing? Do you want to build a bigger customer base? Do you want to reach new demographics? Do you want to increase the volume of sales? Do you want to change how people view your brand?

Once you have decided on your digital marketing goals, you will be better able to develop a plan that is tailored to meet those goals as well as measuring your success.

#2. Develop a Content Strategy

No matter what your goals are, you need an interesting and coherent content strategy. Your content must be relevant to your audience whether it comes in the form of blog posts, tweets, infographics, advertising, emails and more.

Some marketers describe content as “telling your story,” but content can come in a variety of forms from information about the company to industry news to early notification of promotions and in an abundance of other formats.

#3. Choose Your Tools

Once you have set some goals, have a good look at the vast array of ‘digital tools’ available which can help simplify everyday tasks. Google provides a plethora of great tools from analytics, keyword research and paid search and remarketing options.

Tools for search engine optimization (SEO); analytics, conversions, customer engagement and content creation are growing increasingly sophisticated and precise and are invaluable for any business using digital marketing.

#4. Follow Through With Social Media

One of the great failings of companies that attempt digital marketing is setting up social media accounts and then abandoning them. A Facebook page or Twitter account that is sadly out of date or a blog on a website that was last posted to a year ago is worse than not attempting social media at all. It’s like a storefront that looks abandoned or an office that is not maintained.

Social media requires regular, relevant attention, responding to customers concerns and comments and a strategy linked in with the overall content strategy. It’s also important that the person in charge of the social media accounts is someone who can be trusted to interact appropriately with the general public and on occasion, irate customers.

#5. Measure and Analyze Results

There are an abundance of analytical tools available to help keep your digital plan and vision on track. However, some digital marketing goals such as customer loyalty and engagement are more difficult to assess and must be measured in other ways. The key is to plan how these will be tracked in advance.

Digital marketing has consistently demonstrated a high return on investment (ROI). A strong digital marketing strategy can provide results for much less money than more traditional marketing methods.

Businesses that wish to remain competitive cannot afford to ignore these channels for retaining longtime customers and connecting with new ones.

Have you streamlined your business processes in alignment with the fast evolving new age of digital? If so, what is your experience in planning for a successful Digital marketing Strategy and how has this helped your business grow?

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