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5 Cool Conversion Tricks That A Check Out Page Must Have

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So, you have made it finally. Your website is getting a good number of visitors from multiple sources and you are expecting a massive rise or at least a slight uptick in the number of conversions. But sadly speaking nothing of that sort really happens. The hard truth is that you are still struggling to get people to convert and the increase in the number of visitors is no way helping to see any progress in this front.

So, the bottom-line is that a website has to make sales otherwise its existence does not make any sense. People tend to believe that there must be something wrong in the landing page. They make changes in the positions of different designing elements, edit the body content, do A/B testing and do other crazy stuff so that they can see some changes in the number of conversions.

Sadly enough, these tricks might not work at all because in most cases, the problem actually lies in the Check Out page. Contrary to what other people believe, making a perfect and conversion friendly Check Out page is certainly not a cake walk. There are loads of different things involved. Here in this article, we are going to give you some tips that might help you see higher conversion rate.

#1. Add Trust Elements

Tell me one thing, why do you expect that people will choose your ecommerce store over another. Nope, it is not just the aggressive pricing or high quality product that helps your ecommerce site make a cut here. Your ecommerce site has to make itself look trustworthy and this can be done easily by placing certain signs like VeriSign Secured and TRUSTe in the Check out Page.

Believe it or not, the Check Out page sees the higher percentage of shopping cart abandonment and by placing these trust signs, you can do a remarkable job as far as an increase in the conversion rate is concerned.

Feature these security signs throughout the ‘Check Out’ Process. However, if your budget does not allow you to paste a VeriSign seal, do not get alarmed because you can always have an alternative and free generic version instead. This trick seems to work perfectly fine for some specific industries like health and finance.

#2. FAQ Section

No matter how much you try, there are some visitors who will always doubt your intensions. Once they are on the ‘Check Out’ Page, doubts will start lingering on their minds. They might feel freaked out that they have forgotten to check the ‘Return and Refund’ Policy of the website or something like that. Therefore, it always makes sense to alleviate their sense of insecurity and fear by creating a FAQ Section.

First you need to get a response from people about the problems that they face while they are on the Check Out page. Once you have the list of the problems faced by a large number of people, you can create a FAQ Section and feature that section in the ‘Check Out’ Page.  Overstock does a unique thing here. It has different FAQ pages for different products as obviously not all of them get featured prominently.

#3. Keep The Number of Fields to Logical Limits

You have been told and taught numerous time that the fewer the form fields, the better it is for the conversion. Okay, I accept this but this is not always true. Say for example, you visit an ecommerce site and then place an order and then you proceed to Check Out. Now, how you are going to react if you find that the website is only asking you to furnish details about your credit card. This does look fishy. So, short forms are not always and not necessarily sweet. Tread a middle ground and ask information that you will genuinely need like – Name, Address, Email Address etc before asking for the payment. GetACopywriter has simplified the its Contact form and the number of fields has been reduced to a minimum.

#4. Keep a Provision for Live Chat

Adding a Live Chat in a web page is certainly a good idea but the problem with Live Chat is that the customer service department are not available 24/7 and that means, there will be large number of people who will left with their questions unanswered.

So, when you decide to add a Live Chat option in the ‘Check Out’ Page, you have to make sure that there is someone available to respond to queries in real time.

#5. Two Steps Conversion

It may sound strange that sometimes the two step ‘Check Out’ Process does well when it comes to converting more visitors. Actually, it offers additional options to marketers to convince the buyers by coming up with some unique value proposition in the ‘Check Out’ Page. It is customary to ask for the Name and Email address in the first step as this will give you an option to contact the customers in case they abandon the shopping cart in the middle.

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