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Blogging Is Dead.

How many of you have heard the expression “blogging is dead”? It was first raised in answer to a question in ReadWriteWeb back in 2007 and has since been revisited in various news publications and blog posts on a yearly basis. Will the recent publication of the 2011 State of Inbound Marketing by Hubspot finally silence the critics?

Blogging is Critical to Business

According to the New York Times in March 2011 “With the rise of sites like Facebook and Twitter, they (blogs) are losing their allure for many people” This may be true for the younger generation who have taken to posting updates to friends and families on other social media sites such as facebook and twitter instead of on their blogs.

However blogging is increasingly critical for businesses. Blogging has evolved from small talk to providing a place where business owners and employers can provide valuable information, speak to customers and prospects in their own unique voices and through comments have a conversation with them. In 2009 more than half of all businesses didn’t have  a blog but in 2011 65% had developed their own company blog. A significant increase of 17% in just 2 years.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed see their company blog as a critical or important marketing channel. That’s a 10% increase on 2009 figures and in 2011 nearly 20% more see blogging as more important than Facebook or You Tube to their business.

Do company blogs really bring in business?

As a provider of valuable information to, and enabling interaction and conversation with customers and prospects company blogs fulfil an important role in marketing. It’s also an inexpensive method to give your company more visibility on the net. Do they bring in business though?   According to research yes. In 2010 46% of businesses surveyed acquired customers through their company blog.

By 2011 as many as 57% acquired customers through this channel.  These leads were also acquired at an average cheaper cost than through other marketing channels. 55% of companies with a blog indicated that acquiring leads through their company blog was below the average cost for acquiring leads. A figure surpassing that for social media, SEO, telemarketing, direct sales, PPC and Trade Shows.

Blogging is definitely not dead. What do you think?

Anne Perez

Anne Perez

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