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12 Mistakes That Kill Writing Skills

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Are you struggling to get good results from your blog, essay or articles? Don’t worry here is the solution. You might be doing some common and basic mistakes that are killing your score and even your writing skills.

Basically, writing is a skill which is not everyone’s cup of tea and is even tough to develop and you can only develop this skill with continuous practice. It doesn’t matter in what field of writing you are, rather concentrate on writing attractive and valuable content for your readers. Further, there are lots of ways by which you can impress your  readers, but the most important is to avoid small and silly mistakes while writing.

Another important thing about which you need to take care of is grammatical errors.  Nowadays, there are various services available on the internet which can also write for you. Therefore, by using these types of websites you get the excellent content which will be without any mistakes as it is written by professionals.

On the other hand, making mistakes while writing can kill your reputation in front of your readers to a great extent which will further affect your writing skills and confidence. So, its always better to avoid such mistakes.

Below are 12 mistakes that can kill any writer’s writing skills.

#1. Not having the clear understanding of your audience

One of the most common and biggest mistake that can kill your writing skills is not having a clear understanding of your readers. See, you have to be  very clear about the requirements of the people for whom you are writing otherwise your content will be of no use to them. Without understanding your audience you cannot deliver the right content to your audience, which will lead to a dissatisfied audience.

#2. Too much stiff writing

Another most common mistake that can kill your writing skill is when you start writing your content in different or difficult styles. If you want to keep your readers interested in your content, you have to use simple, easy, clear and readable writing styles because the more approachable your writing is, the more readers will enjoy it.

#3. Focusing more on word count

Focusing more on the word count while writing is the other common mistake which can kill your writing skills. The idea of writing more content is not always right and the main aim of a writer is to convey the message in the appropriate length.

#4. Inconsistency

Another big mistake which can kill your writing skill is the inconsistency which means not writing regularly.  Consistency is the key element in writing and it also builds good relations, trust and dependability between you and your readers. So, don’t write occasionally; instead, write regularly so that your readers can be in touch with you on a daily basis. This will also increase your productivity and performance.

#5. Repetition of sentences

Now, this is the most common mistake which can kill your writing skill to a huge extent. Basically, when we write we usually write what is running in our mind at that point of time. But, this can lead to repetition of sentences or information because sometimes we usually think similar content. Further, it will also make your content uninteresting and boring from the reader’s point of view. That is why it is always recommended to proofread your content to avoid such mistakes.

#6. Lacking in having a strong niche

Another common mistake done by writers is not having a strong niche to write about. In this case, the writer tries to write about everything and want to deliver it to everyone. This practice is not right and further you should not overestimate the benefits of your focus. Instead, you can go for any particular niche which make your content equally valuable, passionate and focused.

#7. Choosing too broad a topic

Another common mistake done by writers which can kill their writing skills is to choose too broad a topic for writing their content. Topics like social media marketing and best business practices are too broad to write about as it contains lots of details which sometimes become hard to explain in limited format. On the other hand, more specific topics are more likely to attract a small number of audience and that too, only targeted ones. So, always try to choose general topics which are for all types of readers and not for any specific ones.

#8. Not using plain English to write

This is the other biggest mistake which can kill your writing skills which include not writing your content using simple and plain English. Basically, when you write in different languages your readers stop while reading and will start thinking about the meaning of your words. This will consume their more time and finally they will lose interest in reading your content. So, always try to cut excess words from your sentences and also replace long words with some simple words. This will make your reader comfortable in reading your content.

#9. Lack of variation

Another point of concern in writing is lack of variation. See, it is always best to maintain consistency in your writing, but on the other hand it is also very important to maintain variation in your posts so that your readers can get new and fresh content every time you write. This will also maintain their interest in your content as they will never get bored. Always try to switch your ideas and surprise your readers with new information.

#10. Failing to make a compelling headline

Another big mistake which can kill your writing skills is to fail in engaging your readers with a compelling title or headline. Basically, the heading of any content is very important and readers will only read your post if you have a strong and compelling title for your post. Always keep in mind that your readers should get attracted with the headline of your blog because only then they will move forward to read your content.

#11. Use of too many adjectives and adverbs

This is the other mistake which can spoil your writing skills and it includes over usage of grammar like adjectives and adverbs in your content. Over usage of these things can make your content grammatically unfit and tough for readers to read. Words like painfully, suddenly etc are some adverbs which are overused in content. So, don’t depend too much on these types of words.

#12. Copying someone else’s data

Last but not least is this mistake which can totally ruin your writing skill. It sounds pretty much easier to copy and paste someone else’s data on your post, but it will be of no use to you and your readers. It will also hamper your thinking and writing ability. Further, with this type of practice you will not gain any credibility.

Above are the 12 most common mistakes by various writers that can kill their writing skills forever. So, avoid them.

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