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11 Things People Like to Share More on Social Media

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Yes, we love sharing things on social media. When we do it, we put ourselves in evidence, get likes and shares on our own profiles, and it all feeds our egos. It also helps us to connect with people, keeping the virtual conversation alive.

But there are some things that people are more likely to share compared to others. And it can differ a bit from social media network to social media network – as some of them are better for sharing images than texts, for example. But, generally speaking, these are the most shareable things currently.

#1. Lists

No wonder why this post is a list. This is one of the most popular formats of all times, as it makes it much easier just to have a quick look at the text as a whole and decide which part we want to read more carefully. Our brains are also big fans of categorising things so to improve our ability to memorise and process them. Plus, lists will leave everything well-organized for us so that we can follow the suggested steps in a more practical manner.

#2. Quizzes

Who never felt tempted to try the silliest quiz just after seeing your mates doing it and sharing it on Facebook? A few minutes later, there you are, doing the same thing yourself and making sure that you share the results with your friends or followers as well. This is because quizzes appeal to our instinct of imitation, and gives us fast-food insights about our own traits and future.

#3. How-to’s

Everybody want to make their lives easier, so how-tos are one of the most popular posts on the internet. They give us a step-by-step procedure so we can save money, and impress our friends, family or partners – and all this without having to write a word or to hire a writing service. And, of course, you will want to help your mates in the same situation, so you are bound to share it too.

#4. Curate Content

The internet has far too much information available, so finding a curate content post is a breeze in our lives. In just one page, we will find a summary of everything we need to know, very well-organized and with all the sources together. So perfect that we end up sharing it with those we know (or believe) that might need it.

#5. News

News is one of the things most commented on via social media. We want to give our opinion about what is going on in the world, from politics to the latest on (or off) celebrities’ affairs. This way we can become journalists, think-tankers, and experts ourselves. But we can’t do it without showing the source, so news has to be shared along with our “brilliant” opinion, which is great for those who write them.

#6. Statistics

A study or a report, even from the most obscure university, will always achieve great results in shares, especially if it is a controversial subject. The appeal here is to use science or the opinion of a specialist to prove a point, and only numbers can make people believe that you were right all the time.

#7. Trends

Nobody wants to be the last one to know it, but we all want to be the first to tell the tale. So, yes, trends hit social media very quickly, and you will see many people sharing the same topic within seconds and even among the same group of friends – just to let people know that they know. They are the favourite thing on Twitter, and you can explore the best of what hashtags have to offer you on the matter.

#8. Images

Images are usually more frequently shared compared to texts, not only because of the beauty of the picture itself but because they bring attention to what you want to say. They are a much faster and convenient way to convey information as well. And, as you might know, animals and babies (and baby animals) are always winners on this matter due to their emotional impact.

#9. Videos

According to Buzzsumo, videos around 4 minutes long were the most likely to be shared on social media. But 30-second videos are known for becoming viral quickly as well, as they are fast-consuming. The reasons here are the same as those connected to sharing images, with the up of adding auditory and movement resources to the fun.


Again on the matter of feeding the ego, people love to make someone’s famous words their own. And what is the best way to do it? By sharing quotes (and if they come with an image, even better). Do you want to make it perfect? Make them inspirational. Quotes can also let people know our state of mind without giving us the trouble of thinking about something smart to say.

#11. Hacks

Last but not least, hacks are another highly shareable kind of post. They give us the opportunity to show off that we have found something that will “change people’s lives forever”, and about how smart we are for not doing things just like everyone does. So if you have found out anything that can make people’s lives easier, go ahead and share it on your social media network.

To sum up

If you want your content to get the highest number of shares possible, you should go for one of the ideas above. Despite the fact that it isn’t clear yet why people prefer this kind of content above others, the numbers are there to prove to you that it works.

So start checking your content marketing strategy and look for ideas that can be written under one or more of those formats. Or rewrite some of the content that you already have. Then compare their performances, so you can decide which one of them is the favourite of your target audience, and how it is bringing more traffic to your website or blog.

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