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10 Tips for Using Reddit Successfully as a Business

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There are many ways that businesses use the Internet to expand, and social media is one of the biggest. However, one site is often overlooked due to its “messy” appearance. Reddit is one of the best assets a company has in promoting the brand name when it is used correctly. It boasts over

#1. Know How Reddit Works

Probably the most important tip that can be given about utilizing a website successfully is the strong recommendation to know how that site works. Reddit is an open platform that consists of links, questions, and comments. Posts are seen based on the number of “up-votes” they receive. When you create solid content and interact with the readers, you are more likely to have comments and links up-voted.

However, the downside is that there is also a “down-vote” option available, so make sure that you keep your content relative to the topic you have posted in. Additionally, make sure you do not over post your personal website links, or you will be viewed as a spammer and have the total number of posts limited by the site.

#2. Be Active

It is not enough to post links and articles to Reddit that support your business; you must be active as an individual first and a business second. In addition, before commenting in a sub-Reddit make sure that you check out their guidelines. Each sub-Reddit has different rules that you have to abide by to avoid being banned. These rules are available on the right-hand side of the site. Most sub-Reddits will allow you to ask questions, comment, and discuss recent news.

However, you should not plan on offering giveaways or posting stories with exaggerated titles if that is not what the sub-Reddit is about. These two things generally turn people away.

Overall, you want to make sure that you are active and participate in a social manner 80% more than you are self-promoting. Reddit is not one of the social media networks where you can only promote on and reach success.

#3. Do Not Request Up-Votes

Reddit is very much like other social media platforms where asking for likes and comments is looked down upon. However, if you are caught requesting up-votes your account will be banned. When you post something to Reddit, feel free to share it, but do not ask others to vote for it in any location.

#4. Vary the Links

You will be inclined to use your website as a source when you creating posts on Reddit, however, this can lead to an account ban. The rule that is best to follow is the 10% rule. This rule states that no more than ten-percent of your source links can be from the same site. Remember, not all sub Reddits allow you to post promotional content.

#5. Encourage Readers to Submit

As mentioned above, Reddit is a huge on interacting with others, so encourage readers to submit their own pictures, questions, or comments to your thread. Companies like Top Gear have found success by asking readers what their favorite vehicle is, and post pictures whenever possible. You can then select the post you like the best and feature it. You will drive the interaction, but you will also be reaching to people in your target audience that want to feel appreciated.

#6. Use Calendars

Consumers like to stay in the know, and if you provide them a clear calendar of upcoming events, you are more likely to have people return. Regardless of what your company offers, you can post the latest news in your industry, as well as set dates for when you are offering deals, live chat sessions, and so much more. The biggest benefit to this is your customers will know immediately what is going on in the field and what to watch out for.

#7. Offer Customer Service

When you have consumers interacting with you every day, take advantage of it and offer customer service. Use a post to make sure your contact information is clear, as well as offer helpful information sections. When customers feel like you care about their needs, they are more likely to return. In addition, if you see people asking questions about services you offer, make sure you direct them to the information.

#8. Personalize

Reddit definitely has an aesthetic that takes a while to get used to, but you have the ability to customize the front page of your site to better reflect your business. If you have a sub-Reddit, make sure that you customize it to make it stand out. This is a great way to make the site more user-friendly and reach the needs of your readers.

#9. Use the Ads

Most social media websites offer ads that will help reach more readers, and Reddit does as well. Reddit ads allow you to have a post land on the front page. Unlike other social media sites, Reddit ads are extremely user-friendly and customizable. They offer an FAQ page to help walk people through the process. You will want to make sure that you consider your budget prior to investing in advertising, but Reddit can draw a great deal of viewers with little money put into the project.

#10. Interview Experts

Finally, take the time to introduce your target audience to the experts in your industry. You can help make yourself look like an expert by conducting interviews with other experts and then posting them. You can really boost your community by announcing that you will be having an interview post (AMA), and ask them to formulate questions that they want answered. You are giving the community, yet again, a sense of belonging, as well as letting them know that you want to provide support. In addition, they are more likely to up-vote your post and bring their friends to comment if their question is selected for the interview.

Closing Thoughts

Reddit is not a site that has limited benefits to specific industries. There are a variety of companies that have seen their business boosted by utilizing Reddit, including Fathead and Amazon. In fact, companies that believe Amazon is too crowded (one of the few myths to selling on Amazon) can find that Reddit can help boost their sales. This is especially true since selling products on Amazon requires more than simply listing the product.

When you follow the rules, and utilize the aforementioned ten tips to using Reddit, you will quickly find that it is a social media marketing strategy that works with minimal effort.

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