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Timely FREE Advice 4 BizOwners: DO IT!

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Yes, times are tough for sure. Many people everywhere are struggling all trying to deal with the consequences of the 2008 – 2009 Great Global Recession (curse those stupid / greedy people who caused this economic disaster).

But even though lots of customers have run off looking for cover and many of the rest of us are so shelled shock we just want to hide in a bunker, we can’t waste time bemoaning our fate or the current state of the world. The only way each of us can start improving things is if we get focused on:

  • How to make our future better?
  • How to start making better things happen some how? And
  • How we can get early results now?

Well, here is a simple, easily-executed 5 step game plan for how you can do just that:

  1. Get Optimistic

If your business is not dead-and-gone now, odds are likely it won’t be later.

Remember, the future includes you, so best you focus on where and what it is.

  1. Pause / Think / Plan

Action without objective leads no where – eventually – so take a bit of time to pause, assess, and work out how you can best get somewhere important.

Let me mention how this step is not about finding or envisioning perfection.

If you feel stymied, move on to points 3 – 5 before cycling back through points 1 – 2 again later.

  1. Just Do It & Count Your Beans As You Go

Like how Nike’s slogan is all about action in a sports context, you need goal oriented activity that’s energetic, timely, savvy, focused and efficient too.

So keep in motion and remember to keep score as you go.

  1. If You Can’t Do It Yourself, Get Someone Who Can

It would be easy and simple if we could survive and thrive by doing everything ourselves but invariably getting business results requires we partner up with other people, be they our customers, our co-workers or our supporters (sometimes consultants as well).

Too many business owners fear collaboration but that may risk their company’s very survival. Please don’t be short sighted or overly self-interested. That’s why I suggest you pay whatever reasonable price you must to get others central to your business success on your side pulling where you need to go.

Remember, business is social game of survival first, so sharing your ‘pond’ with others should be your first priority before you go and get fussed about how to become the biggest ‘frog’ there.

  1. If You Can’t Get Someone Else (For Whatever Reason), Reprioritize

Flexibility and adaptability are keys to avoiding the same fate as dodo birds and dinosaurs. So, if you are finding the food your business lives on has gotten up and gone somewhere else and/or if you find yourself lacking the help or resources necessary to get done what must be done, it’s time to rethink your game plan and reprioritize your goals.

When you find yourself in this situation, what you need to do is go back to step 1 and start the process all over again. Otherwise, you just might find your ‘pond’ drying up on you without you knowing where to go when.

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