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Start blowing your own trumpet like Ryanair

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I travelled to Rome on Thursday 10th June via Dublin Airport with our good friends Ryanair. I normally rate my Ryanair experience successful when I avoid additional charges for hand luggage not fitting into the baggage size checker or using the restroom mid flight to find that Mr O’Leary still hasn’t introduced the much publicised coin slot. On landing in Rome the Ryanair trumpet blew and a nice Scottish accent informed privileged passengers that we had just experienced another on time Ryanair flight. The trumpet blowing was a reminder that I had the added bonus of reaching my destination on time. I disembarked the plane feeling even greater satisfaction but asking why more organisations and individuals don’t blow their own trumpet like Ryanair.

Play to existing customers or employers

Ryanair took a positive action to inform me that they had delivered in transporting me to my destination on time. I was too busy moving my watch an hour forward to have acknowledged this fact myself. As an organisation – Do you remind your customers about your success? Never assume that they understand or appreciate the value that you add. This principle is very relevant for employees too. Communicating success can help an employee achieve promotion and climb the corporate ladder. In my early career I fell into the trap of assuming my employer knew my contributions and that I didn’t have to shout about them. Two missed promotions later I began watching and learning from the best trumpet players in that organisation 🙂

Ensure new customers or employers hear your music

It is important to identify success and learn how and when to communicate it. Ryanair does this very well to help attract new customers – “Deliver 90% of passengers to destinations on time and with more change in their pockets”. Communicating success effectively can help businesses attract new customers. It is important to tell potential customers what you have delivered and past successes. Jobseekers should take this on board too. Communicating success can help increase attractiveness to potential employers. Ensure a CV communicates achievements and tell employers about successes at interview instead of waiting to be asked.

Time to take your stage …

It is hard to understand why many businesses, employees or jobseekers hold back on trumpeting their success. Perhaps the myth that talking about ourselves is boasting and people won’t like it. You have to overcome the fear and take the stage. It is up to you as a business or a jobseeker to ensure your achievements and results are know and not let them go unnoticed or remain hidden. For business this can equate to loss of existing customers or failure to attract new customers. For individuals this can equate to missed promotions or mssed job opportunities.

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