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SEO Blunders Can Be Costly In More Ways Than One

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If your company’s SEO efforts are not up to speed, it can lead to not only a bad online reputation and image, but also lost revenue, neither of which are good things.

In today’s Internet driven world, having a good SEO campaign is a necessity in order to market your brand and services online. Without a strong

So, what are some of the more common gaffes a company can undertake and in doing so, hurt their SEO objectives? Among them are:

  • Not updating content – Most people on the web want today’s information yesterday. That being the case, stale content will hinder your ability to generate the kind of online traffic you want. Spend the needed time to update your Web site and make sure you utilize SEO related keywords to make it more attractive to search engines;
  • Repetitive content – Along with stale content being a hindrance to your Web site, the same content over and over can be damaging to your search engine rankings. The first and foremost goal is to have unique content that drivers readers to your site;
  • Giving the impression of over optimization– If you’re shoving too many keywords down the throat of your readers, they are more than likely to rebel, as will the search engines. Keywords are a necessity, but they should be placed in a story in a sequence where they will flow smoothly, not hinder the reader;
  • Bad linking and URL’s – The bottom line here is that too much linking turns readers off. When placing your links, be sure to do it from a strategic stand point. That being said, your URL’s should also be clean. If your URL’s are too long or hard to follow, you will also lose some of your audience;
  • Too much imagery – Remember that search engines will have a hard time identifying your content if the page copy and navigation are hidden in images. The idea here is to utilize text-based navigation.
  • Using software programs in automating directory submission – In order to avoid this issue, be sure to provide well-established directories, along with authoring unique titles and descriptions in focusing on area and niche directories;
  • Duplicate titles and Meta descriptions throughout the site – When providing too much duplicity, your search engine screams that essentially your webpages do not have much variety. The goal here is to have unique and accurate page titles and Meta descriptions for each and every page;
  • Too much spam – Having too many advertisements that distract and obstruct the main content can be the kiss of death for your site. If you do have ads on the pages, make sure they do not distract from the content, otherwise you come across as advertiser and not content provider.

Providing a comprehensive SEO approach is not hard, it just takes time and effort.

When you have a Web site that you want to be effective and informational for your audience, remember the above-mentioned no-no’s so that your SEO efforts stand out for the right and not the wrong reasons.

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