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Want Better Remote Employee Tracking Software? Here’s 5 Features To Look For

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2020 brought us a situation where we got locked inside our houses for months, and this was when remote working came into the limelight. Remote work got started under compulsion, but nowadays the employers and employees both have begun appreciating the flexibility that they get while working remotely.

In a nutshell, remote working is a sort of profession in which the employees are allowed to work from any corner of the world, may it be their home, a cafe or whichever place they feel comfortable.

Oh, there is something more to add!

They also get the flexibility to choose their working hours. Like if the employee is a parent then they can pick out time when their children are away so they do not get disturbed or if he/she wishes to learn further then they can select the employee hours accordingly which does not clash with their class timings.

Too fascinating, right? But what’s next?

Why Companies Prefer Remote Working?

The first question that arises is how will the employers be able to keep a check on the assignments of the employees if they are not present in the traditional workplace and how are the higher authorities allowing their employees to work remotely.

Well, monitoring, managing, and tracking remote employees is as easy as ABC. Let me tell you how.

The companies should start introducing employee monitoring software which efficiently gets installed with other software that the employees are already using.

Starting with something more interesting, employee monitoring software has a lot to offer.

Check out some of the most amazing and essential features to track remote employees with ease.


Have you ever thought that you would be able to check on your employees during working hours through their keyboard?

No, right? Even your employees would not have thought of this in their worst nightmare.

Well, this facility is not to scare your employees. It is available because the employers will be able to keep a close check on what their employees are up to during the working hours. If they are simply away from the system for long hours, then they would not be able to remain productive.

So now how it works?

Starting with installing a keylogger software to your system, which is an uncomplicated process as long as you have access to a workstation are able to install the program to it.

Hence if your company is providing work devices to each employee, then you can install it beforehand. If the employees are using their personal system for working, then they can get it installed by the IT department by providing access.

The companies can make use of some of the best employee tracking software available in the market like EmpMonitor, Workpuls, ActivTrak, Hubstaff, etc., which gets intrigued easily with other software in the company.

Come let’s dive into 5 added benefits of keylogger software:

  1. Advanced Security
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Better Task Management
  4. Identifying Insider Threats
  5. Transparency Among All

Are you afraid it is legal or not?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to monitor the keyboard of the employees and record the data because the employees get paid for the projects and assignments they culminate successfully. But the remote employees are not supposed to take advantage of it.

In the case of remote employees, the companies should take care of each activity of them throughout the working hours as they are not sitting in front of them.

Screenshot Monitoring

It is one of the most significant features that an employee monitoring software needs to acquire because it provides a detailed report of screen usage of the employee’s system. The employers must have an idea of the visited sites and the projects their employees are working on.

Well, here screenshot monitoring feature helps because it has a facility in which the software itself captures random screenshots at regular intervals.

What an amazing feature it is. The employee tracking software should hold the record of each screenshot taken throughout the day and store it in cloud-based storage. Hence you can reach out to it whenever required to check the productivity of any employee.

Employee Attendance Tracking

Stuck with too much software for every other thing? Do not worry. Employee monitoring software would also let you keep track of your employees attendance.

Hard to believe but yes!! The software makes it so easy for the employees and the higher authorities to mark the attendance. Employee attendance tracker software helps in maintaining a proper record of the employees who are working on a particular day and the ones on leave as well.

It helps managers to prepare their backups beforehand if an employee is on leave so that they will be able to complete an urgent task if it comes their way. Having a list of employees who wish to take off with particular dates mentioned would be so beneficial as the employers do not have to panic about accepting and rejecting the requests during the last hours.

Productivity Tracking

Productivity is what every company looks for in its employees. The productivity of the employees will lead to the overall growth of the company.

What else can be more happening than having a productivity tracker for your company?

A productivity tracker takes real-time information about the tasks the employees are working on and how much time they spend to accomplish it. It will help to calculate the productivity of the employees by checking if they completed the task within a stipulated time or misused more of the companies time on doing the same thing over and over again.

Team Workload Management

The software that assists in productivity tracking will help a lot in managing the workload of the team.

Let me tell you how.

If the employers will get to know who are their productive employees and who is lagging, then they will be able to divide the work accordingly. Employers can even take major actions against unproductive employees to make them work in a better way.

The higher authorities can hold sessions for the unproductive employees and motivate them to work more efficiently and to be in the top position.

By far, we have come across some of the significant features that an employee monitoring software acquires which all boils down to the remote employees being productive throughout the working hours.

Well, our motive is not only to check for productivity within the employees. The remote employees should efficiently commence and culminate their work within the deadline so that they do not have to hustle during the last minute which is beneficial both for the growth of the company and the employees as well.

Can We Take Remote Working To 2021 and Beyond?

Well, after enduring the flexibility of remote working for months sitting at their favorite place and sipping into a cup of perfectly brewed coffee in the morning at their desk, no one would prefer to get back to their traditional workplace and the same cafeteria again.

Taking remote working to 2021 and beyond would be beneficial for the companies because they do not have to bear the extra expense of a workplace, furniture, systems and internet. On the other hand, if they have a wondrous employee monitoring tool, they do not even have to worry about keeping track of their employees.

Wrapping Things Up

Employee monitoring software is your best companion if you wish to maintain the productivity of your remote employees. Employee tracking software acquires keylogging, screenshot monitoring, productivity tracking features to which the companies should reach out to if they wish to see growth in their business.

I hope the article helped you know more about keeping track of remote employees using employee monitoring software.

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