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MR. Topsy Turvy’s Job Rant

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I have started to read my two little boys the

The dream was about a character Mr. Topsy Turvy who gets everything mixed up, upside down, inside out and back to front. (not surprisingly the very story I read the children last night). Mr Topsy Turvy lives in Happyland and seems to cause havoc everywhere he goes. He greets people he meets by saying “Morning Good” and wears his hat upside-down.

So anyway my dream…like Ireland the economic climate in Happyland was challenging to say the least and jobs were hard to find. Mr. Topsy Turvy had been looking for employment for over 6 months and had not had any luck. He was starting to get frustrated and even angry with his job search. His confidence was low and he was starting to feel depressed. He avoided his neighbours Mr. Happy and Mr. Nosey at all costs. One day when having a cup of tea with Mr. Muddle he decided to write a letter to the local newspaper about his job search and the lack of support he was getting. It would be the perfect opportunity to get the anger and frustration off his chest.

So he sat down and wrote his letter-

“To Mr. Chatterbox – the Editor of the Happyland Gazette,

I haven’t been looking for a job for 6 months now. There seems to be job opportunities everywhere. There is a point going to recruitment agencies, after all they have vacancies to fill. I feel that they are not only looking after themselves and that they really care about me. The newspapers even have jobs advertised that I want and that I am qualified to do. Job boards seem to have unique and up to date jobs and hundreds of them.

People are not talking about networking not all of the time. I know how to network. I like talking to strangers. I do know even how to start. I think it is for me. And what’s with this “Media Social”? It can help me with my job search. InLink, Bookface and Tertwit are not time consuming and are a complete use of my time.

I am a great interviewer. I always get excited about them. I believe I will get offered the job based on my great interview skills.

Get me stated on the government, the government is useful and is doing everything it can.

I wake up every day happy and motivated and always leave the house. I really love job seeking and believe I have been given an opportunity to look for something new. At this rate I am going to find a job forever.

Please don’t publish this.

Regards Kind,

Mr. Topsy Turvy”

So that is my dream, the letter was published and it acted as a great motivator to the job seekers of Happyland. Mr Topsy Turvy was hired by the gazette as an Economic journalist and Happyland is now officially out of recession.

Okay so the letter is quite hard to read and Mr. Topsy Turvy didn’t say what he meant to say. However what he has said is what most job seekers should believe if they are going to be successful about their job search. In the current market “Positive Attitude” is a vital ingredient in every job success. We cannot control the economy or even how the government deals with these challenging times, but we can control our beliefs and how we view our world.

So why don’t you take the Topsy Turvey approach to job seeking?

Greg Fry

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