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Job Seekers – 12 Days of Christmas

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Christmas is a funny time of the year for job seekers – It can be a welcome distraction from one’s job search, however it can be very frustrating as Companies shelve recruitment plans until the New Year. As a job seeker there is a temptation to take the foot off the gas and postpone everything until January.

Whilst I can understand this approach, I think the month of December is a fantastic opportunity to plan for the New Year and put yourself in pole position for a job in 2010.
Treat yourself right this Christmas and look after yourself. I tried to rewrite the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song, but it read and sounded awful.

So instead of giving you a headache here are 12 presents you should give yourself this Christmas:
1.    Take time out to review your cv. Spend time making it look as enticing to employers as you can.
2.    Give yourself an upbeat and positive attitude this Christmas. You will no doubt meet many friends and family during the festive season….be the shining star and not the Bah Humbug! You will feel happier and people will gravitate towards you.
3.   Set Goals for 2010. Look at what you want to achieve in the next year and commit your thoughts to paper. Write goals in many areas of your life – work, family, social, educational, money etc.  Commit to reading your goals every week in 2010.

4.   Throw out as many limiting beliefs over the Christmas period as you can.  Change those beliefs into new empowering ones. “I believe I will get the job that I have always wanted and that I will have more money than ever before.”
5.    Give yourself a LinkedIn makeover. Make sure your profile is 100% complete.  Ask contacts to recommend you and join relevant groups.
6.    Make a list of companies you would like to work for and decide how you can proactively approach them in the New Year. Research them on the internet and see if anyone in your network can give you advice.
7.    Network – Use this festive season as an opportunity to convey in an upbeat and positive manner what you are looking for work wise and ask friends and family to keep an eye out for you.
8.    Give yourself some business cards this Christmas. Never miss an opportunity to make a connection again. Business cards should include your name, area of expertise, telephone number, email and LinkedIn url. Business cards can be purchased for as little as €20 for 250 from companies like vistaprint and
9.    If you do not have it already get yourself a good Broadband connection. The job market is challenging enough out there, so ensure you have the right pc tools for your job search.

Set goals in many areas of your life.

Set goals in many areas of your life.

10.    Make sure that you have a phone with a good call plan or plenty of call credit this Christmas. You will need it to be a proactive job seeker in the New Year.
11.   Update your business wardrobe.  If you have a few pennies left in your pocket, hit the sales and get yourself some new clothes that will “wow” at interviews. If you don’t have money to splurge on the sales, take all your business clothes to the Dry Cleaners and have them cleaned, pressed and ready for interview.
12.    Get yourself a good inspirational book this Christmas. Take the time you have to read something inspiring and get in the mood for success in 2010.

What action do you think should be embraced this Christmas? Or do you think it should be a time for a job seeker to take a complete break?

Greg Fry

Greg Fry

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