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Infographic: Creative Team Building Activities

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To improve productivity, businesses can implement various numbers of different activities that can help sustain the performance of the employees and control the company better. There has been an increase in the importance of management teams and research has led us to come up with team-building games or activities that can help in building a diligent workforce. There are a number of benefits of these activities that organizations need to be aware of:

  • Any problems that may be affecting an employee’s productivity can be identified and eradicated
  • While performing these activities, better operation helps all the employees co-operate among themselves and boosts their confidence.
  • When your employees are snapped out of their comfort zones, they are able to come up with efficient solutions to tricky problems.
  • When people perform these activities together it helps them recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and pick the members that will make up the right team.
  • The morale of the workplace rises and employees become motivated in performing better.

These few benefits do not compare to the actual results of tehse4 activities when they are operated correctly. They help create a constructive team and that can generate a much better outcome. There are four kinds of team building activities:-

  1. Communication Activities
  2. Problem solving and decision making activities
  3. Adaptability and planning activities
  4. Planning activites that focus on building trust

Toxic Waste

All these activities can yield highly productive results, so let us introduce a few of them.

All your employees are divided into teams that try putting a bucket of “Toxic Waste” into a neutralization bucket, but only with the help of bungee cords and a rope. This activity can focus on constructing leadership and team building attributes in your employees. Two teams can play this game as opponents in any outdoor space available.

Two Truths and a Lie

An impressive training exercise for growing strong group relations, this game requires every player to introduce themselves, telling any two truths about themselves and a lie. The group members will then inquire each other to deduce the lies from the truth. The purpose of the competition is to make other players accept your lies as truth and estimate what lies they may have told. Points can be given to each member of the game to make it official; this game is a very effective way to increase the interaction between your employees.

The Helium Stick

If your coffee breaks are starting to get boring, spruce them up with this fun activity. Form two rows of players standing facing each other, and place a long rod on the lined up index-fingers of both the teams. The objective is to successfully lower this rod to the ground without letting it leave contact with any of the employee’s fingers. The truth is that the rod will end up moving upwards due to the applied pressure and can’t be lowered unless all the players are completely relaxed. This is a great game for a coffee time laughter riot.

Pizza Making

Cooking is not for everybody, so put your employees in a team and get them to do something recreational like making chocolate or pizza. This helps train your employees better in performing within a team and also is a great way to find out which workers are not fit to work together.


This is an incredibly encouraging activity; all the workers of the staff are distributed some photographs that they have to structure sequential stories out of. Each worker takes the narrative further by connecting it to the picture they have. The ideal combination of persistence and communication, this sport can help your employees distinguish between each other according to their strengths effectively.

These are not all, there are so many fun activities that you can implement that you will have a hard time choosing one, check out our info graphic for the most popular and widely used team-building activities and games.

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