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I am giving up “giving up” for Lent ….

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Lent began on the 17th February. This period of 40 days and 40 nights has always represented giving up and sacrifice for me. For years I gave up chocolate, sugar, alcohol and even inappropriate language :-). This year I have set myself a different challenge. I feel there would be no better way to celebrate Lent than by giving up “giving up”. Not being able to “give up” or quit for 40 days and 40 nights will be a huge challenge as “giving up” is an easy choice. I class myself as a highly competitive individual and I don’t accept the word No to easy but I still have many examples in my life when I have given up or quit.

Life is tough, business is tough and in this marketplace job hunting is especially tough. Rejection, heartbreaking obstacles and the word NO have forced many individuals to veer from their path to success. The side of this road is littered with the rubble of broken dreams, great ideas and hope. The sad thing is that many of these individuals were within touching distance of their goals.

So how can I succeed where others have not? How am I going to achieve my goals when others tell me it is not possible? Here are some of my thoughts on persistence and rejecting rejection.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight times” – This Chinese proverb is one of my favourite quotes. There will be many falls along the way but it is important to pick yourself back up. When you have a set back or face an obstacle ask yourself the following questions. How can I get around this? What can I learn? What can I do differently? Or if all else fails – What would superman do? There are many great motivational  stories and examples of persistence that can help inspire you. Feeling beat then read these stories/examples to help get you back on the saddle.

“No is a word on the path to Yes” – You should expect to hear the word “No” but this should not deter you or stop you. Two great examples from my past inspire me. There was the impossible task or persuading my mother to let me go to teenage discos. There was also the impossible task of persuading my school principle to let to train/play for the U12 Gaelic team when I was 9. With both examples I received hundreds of “No’s” until guess what? I was throwing my moves at the teenage disco and starting out my competitive GAA career.

“Measure what you want, not what you don’t want” – Keeping records of positive success will help motive you to deliver more of the same. Record and review every positive success no matter how small. Celebrate every success not matter how small.

As with all challenges in life I have to see the sunny side. I have set myself a very difficult task and I will face the temptation to quit throughout the next 40 days and nights. Having said this I can give myself a boost with a chocolate/sugar fix, drown rejection with alcohol and run around town like Gordon Ramsey with things are not working out as planned….


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