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Email Deliverability 101 [Infographic]

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We have had email in our working and personal lives for some time now and despite the way technology evolves so quickly, it is still a very relevant and effective form of communication.

There was a time when SPAM was more likely to be associated with the cheap tinned meat but thanks to emails, we are all more familiar with the electronic version these days. Not that this seems to deter the email marketers who actually managed to achieve an open rate of just under 20% in 2012.

You can take a glass half full or empty view of this figure, and although Email is still a great way to reach a target audience, it still means that four out of five recipients sent the message to the bin without opening it.

Depending on your gender and the accuracy of the mailing list that your Email address has found its way on to, you are probably familiar with the usual messages that offer to make certain parts of your anatomy larger or perform better.

Whilst there is humour to be found in some of these messages, the problem for marketers in general, is that every cliché or badly thought out promotional message that works its way through the Email system, makes it harder for genuine marketers to navigate their way around the anti-spam applications and get their genuine offer in front of an interested recipient.

This infographic guides you through Email deliverability 101 and shows you how to make the most of your Email marketing campaigns.

As you might expect, it is no specific strategy that offers you the best chance of success. A clean subject line, keeping your images small enough to pass anti-spam filters and a well-vetted list of recipients are just some of the things that you need to get right, if you are going to get the best response rates.

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