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Don’t Be A Witch To Get Rich

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Have you ever seen people screaming at their staff in times of stress or talking down to suppliers who are meant to be working to achieve the same goal as you? I have seen this and it’s pretty ugly. When I started out I made up my mind to get rich in business without being a witch… because it is possible.

Respect from your staff leads to a level of loyalty that in many ways you can’t pay for. You can’t ask someone you’ve just yelled at to give up their weekend to help you make more money for your business – spending their weekend with you will be the last thought on their mind and probably the opposite one!

There is no use trying to expect people to give the sheer amount of devotion and time from their lives to grow your company if you speak to them badly.

Don’t get me wrong – there are times when you want to scream and shout and pull your hair out – or theirs! But there is a dignity as a boss to remain calm or at the very least controlled.

If you have an issue – where possible deal with it privately unless a show of leadership is needed to quash a babbling staff load.

I always start with something positive such as: “I liked the way you handled that client last week but I feel that this other weak aspect of your work needs more attention”. End it on a positive note so that the person goes back to work knowing that they have to work harder but it will be for the greater good and be appreciated.

If you have chosen people who share the same work ethic as yourself, you might wonder where the bad connection has come from all of a sudden.

Have you considered that the problem may not be them, it might be you?

Owning a company is stressful and when you delegate work to people they often see that that’s all they have to do, whereas you in your office are having to juggle a workload much the same as theirs, plus managing the finance, marketing, planning, client relations and general running of the office and company.

This inevitably leads to a buildup of stress which if you’re not careful will come out in negative ways towards your staff.

If you are getting frustrated with your staff members or suppliers and are stressed and tired at the same time due to your own work load. Just do what I do and take a minute out to jot down exactly what has annoyed you in bullet point fashion. Just taking the few seconds to do this in a rational sense will let you realise whether you have an issue that you need to be clear about or whether you’re venting stress out on them.

Your staff have to look up to you – if you treat them or speak to them badly you will lose their respect and completely de-motivate your team which will cost you time and money in the long run. You don’t want to lose the good staff members that you’ve taken time to find and train. Don’t be a witch to get rich.

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