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Distance Learning – A Contemporary Solution for Workplace Training!

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The COVID pandemic has brought upon many noteworthy changes in the way we live, work, and learn. Workplaces were shut, and almost all facilities came to a rapid stop, for fairly a long period now. The global pandemic has provided us with a prospect to develop more flexible learning solutions, that are not only flexible for employers but the employees as well.

Therefore, the concept of distance learning got a rapid increase. As the name tells, it’s all about learning from a distance and is also recognized as e-learning or online learning. These learning programs are usually recognized by an accreditation agency or the national Ministry of Education and fulfill the training needs of the learners amazingly.

Why Choose Distance Learning?

While classroom training can operate in a COVID-19 secure way, trainee numbers will have to be reduced per session, which will in turn increase the cost per delegate. With this in mind, health and safety courses online have become a need of the hour for many workplaces.

Alongside this, choosing distance learning can provide some great benefits to business owners and their operatives. Such as:

  • Zero contact training (remote learning)
  • Structured and easy to follow programs
  • Significantly low-cost than a classroom training session
  • Precise and engaging course content
  • Approved courses from accredited bodies

When choosing the right e-learning platform for your employees, there are several options available online to choose from. Human focus International is one of the global leaders in skilled behavior change in the workplace to provide awareness of accidents and ill-health at work.

It has maintained a reputation for delivering first-class health and safety programs and implementing industry-standard accredited qualifications.

Why Do Businesses Need H&S Training for Their Employees?

Good training leads to better processes and work. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, workforce training is an essential way to keep your organization competitive. Employees are humans as well, most of them will have gaps and weaknesses in their professional skills, offering suitable training can help them perform better.

Following are the reasons why do industries and businesses need health and safety training for their workforces:

  • Less turnover rate
  • Cost control
  • Role and career flexibility
  • Product and service quality
  • Skill and labor shortage

Employers can also keep an eye on workplace safety by regularly reporting the issues occurring at their work, analyzing employee performance. Keeping a check on issues, accidents, and hazards occurring at work can help save lives and costs. Having a health and safety checklist can provide benefits to report such concerns efficiently. Also, start a discussion with your staff regarding health and safety training. Employees can attend an online CPR and First Aid course and obtain a legitimate certification. With such skills, they can help a coworker while waiting for the paramedics.

On the other hand, ongoing training will provide certain benefits:

  • Enable workforces to respond to technical changes that can affect their jobs
  • Help employees respond to the variations that come from rearranging the organization
  • Give them the aptitude to adjust to changes resulting from increased diversity in the workplace
  • Help to meet the operative’s need for sustained growth

Consequences of lack of training in the workplace

Ignoring the importance of adequate employee training can severely impact business performance, team morale, and the ability to retain more employees. Overlooking the responsibility to train & invest in employees could discourage the workers and cause potential harm to the business.

The following could be the effects of the lack of proper h&s training in the workplace:

1. Risky Work Environment

Being an employer, you are lawfully obliged to deliver essential training to staff to lessen any incident. Disregarding this duty can lead to legal penalties, increases workplace coincidences, reduce staff self-esteem, and increase absence. To ensure workers are in a risk-free environment, satisfactory training is crucial.

2. Unsatisfied Employees

Insufficient employee training can also lead to consequences like poor job performance, and increased work-related stress. If the staff is feeling unhappy, the chances are they will start looking for a job somewhere else. Therefore, to retain good employees, employers must invest in their happiness and satisfaction.

3. Increased Turnover Rate

One more effect of poor training is, it can increase the turnover rate of employees. Stress at work, poor supervision, and not getting enough appreciation can lead staff members to leave and look for better prospects. While this might not seem like an issue, but, high staff turnover could be highly overpriced than retaining the old employees.

Health & Safety Online Courses – a Solution for Workplace Safety

Health and safety online training is an easy way to provide solutions to meet the needs of large and small businesses. Human Focus’s health and safety training cover compliance and soft skill courses and is fully SCROM compliant LMS. These courses are:

Fire Safety

These Fire safety courses cover the skills required for both employers and employees to provide a safe working environment, protecting people, property, and assets whilst avoiding loss.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a vital feature of the success of the business or industry. The capability to communicate convincingly is critical. Thus, this e-learning training course on communication skills teaches employees how to build constructive relationships with people at work.

IOSH Managing Safely

The IOSH managing safely e-learning course is beneficial in enhancing the safety awareness culture within the organization. It also helps employers to measure the productivity of their employees and to increase the reputation of their business by embedding safety at work.

UKATA Asbestos Awareness

The UKATA asbestos awareness online course educates delegates about the probability and potential consequences associated with exposure to asbestos fibers when they come into interaction with ACMs. Additionally, this training also looks at the lawful obligations for working with or near asbestos.

Mental Health Awareness

The mental health online training course raises awareness of mental ill-health causes and guides well-being management. This online course also educates delegates with recognizing common health issues and provides useful measures to cope with this issue.


This article is an in-depth explanation of how distance learning for safety training could be a contemporary solution for the workplace these days and why to choose one. COVID-19 has hit the world severely, and everybody is forced to work and learn online.

Similar is the case with the h&s industry. Therefore, to train and equip the staff to prevent workplace accidents and ill-health, safety training is essential. Distance learning in this regard is beneficial and cost-efficient for almost every business and industry.

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