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Are you smarter than a 4 year old?

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I think I’d say no. I may have more knowledge, but very often it is that knowledge that holds me back.  I have a four year old that lives every day believing anything is possible and any obstacle in his way is in fact a tool which he can use to create something positive.  I believe children make great inspirational business coaches.

So I have a new business coach and he is only 4 years old, so cheap fees of Chocolate Buttons and trips to the park is all I need commit to.  He constantly reminds me that life is simple and as adults we love to over complicate things.  No wonder children love Superheroes after all they are on the same “can do” level.

Here are a few questions my son constantly asks me. When I apply his questions to my business he offers valuable advice:

  • Did you have fun at work and play with your friends today? – Many of us are so stressed and tangled up in our job that we forget to have fun. One of my favourite quotes is “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”– Confucius .  Nobody said your job had to be boring and so much of our discontentment is down to our own attitude. The more fun we have the happier we are and very often the more productive we are at work.  I work by myself and make a conscious effort to interact with other business owners throughout the day. Doing this spurs me on and I do not feel alone. My business friends are an invaluable support network and are always there when a challenging situation arises.
  • Why? Why? Why? – Ask yourself why you are doing each and every task and why you are doing that task in a certain way. Very often we avoid doing the important things at work that will help us achieve our goals and do the easier less important task that achieves very little for us. So we should ask ourselves – What are the benefits of completing this task? Very often we approach work in a routine and very methodical manner. Just because you do something a certain way does not mean it is the best and most efficient way of doing something.
  • Who are your favourite friends? – Know who you allies are at work and who you can rely on. I have some wonderful people around me in business. It is important that I treat them as the close and valuable friends that they are. This is very true when dealing with our clients. We should always put our current customers first and constantly show them that we appreciate and value them.
  • Do you play outside? – I was really bad about grabbing a sandwich and rushing back to my desk. Now, no matter how busy I am I make sure I get some exercise and take a break at lunch. I am amazed at the problems I can solve when I allow myself to relax and I let my creative juices in. I used to be prone to headaches at work, but have had none since I started getting some fresh air at lunchtime.
  • Did you talk to people on the phone? – In the world of social media and email we have become very bad at communicating on the phone or even in person.  Nothing substitutes face to face and telephone communication. My phone bill has gone up recently, but so has my business. Ask yourself do you make enough telephone calls at work?
  • When are you coming home? If one’s working hours are the length of a piece of string, we tend to work later and very often get less done. If you are like me I tend to excel under time pressures and deadlines. So while it is often important to be flexible with working hours from time to time, try to stick to set hours and ensure you compete as much work within that time. You and your family will love you for it and you may even get more work done.
  • I played Bob the Builder. What did you fix? – Never run away from a problem, deal with it head on. A small hurdle in the business world can become a mammoth one very quickly if you do not fix it ASAP.

So If you don’t have children, find a friend or family member who does and invite yourself around one weekend for some cost effective business coaching.

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