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Answer Customers’ Questions To Create Content Marketing Gold

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Writing for customers is the best way to get new customers, via your content marketing. While many business bloggers write for their market, they don’t always write for their customers. The difference, while subtle, can be enormous in terms of your content ROI. Find out how you can use customers’ questions to create content marketing gold.

Answer Customer’s Questions To Create Content Gold

How do business bloggers usually decide what to write about?

Many content creators use educated guesswork to come up with their ideas: What they’re interested in, what’s topical, what their competitors or idols are using, their gut. While this process has merit in generating ideas, it also has risks:

  • Will the message be strong enough to generate enquiries? Will your audience be engaged enough to become your customer? Perhaps or perhaps not!
  • Trial and error: the difficulty is that you can’t know until after you’ve created the content. You must invest the time and resource to find out and attempt to refine as you go. It’s a trial and error methodology.

Is there is a less risky way?

Customers’ questions create content marketing gold

Create content with questions via blog comments

The idea for this post came via a comment from Elish Bul-Godley here at Tweak Your Biz

Nowadays questions from customers and potential customers are everywhere and easy to find:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • E-mail
  • Forums
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Blogs and comments
  • Social Media

These are just some of the places you can find questions. To implement a content strategy around customers’ questions you first need to develop a means for finding and recording questions. This isn’t just about defining your niche, but also defining a specific customer profile (a sub-set of your niche) for every piece of content.

The best questions are those that:

  1. Directly relate to your product
  2. Allow you to clearly demonstrate your expertise and USP
  3. Are asked frequently

Answering customers’ questions with content:

  • This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive to some people but when you answer a question using content, you want to provide a comprehensive and thorough answer. Don’t hold back providing the detail (value) of how you would go about solving the particular challenge.
  • It’s this detail that will differentiate you from your competitors and help you to stand out from the crowd.  When prospects are searching for the information, your content needs to reassure that you are the one to deal with.

Prospects first need to trust the content before considering becoming your customer.

The value of a content strategy based on customers’ questions

Creating content based on customers’ questions has many advantages over your typical content approach.

  1. Takes the guesswork out of coming up with ideas for content.
  2. Allows you to easily target your niche and customer sub-sets.
  3. Helps to ensure that your content and the information you provide is relevant for customers.
  4. You can use the content to directly answer the questions where they were asked.

It’s a more strategic and targeted approach in delivering ROI from your content.

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