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Tips to Avoid Agent Attrition in BPOs

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Agent attrition has always been an issue for business process outsourcing companies. Call centres often face staff attrition, and there have been talks speculating the reason for increasing employee attrition.

Well, we all know that a call centre company has a monotonous work environment and this is one big reason why the staff does not stay back to a call centre company for long. However, there is a way out to the problem!

Increasing attrition brings a negative impact on the business brand name; thus, companies need to take some essential steps to avoid such activity. After all, repetitive hiring and training sessions are not favourable to the call centre’s health; thus a resolution is necessary.

Call centre outsourcing firms easily attract fresher, as students and new faces are interested in easy earning at an initial stage. Nevertheless, everyone wants job security and a work environment that is suitable for his or her health too. Thus, most employees flee early, looking for a secure and reliable job.

As a result, call centre companies need to make themselves efficient enough to meet the changing employee requirements and should work upon the employee health program too. By doing so, the BPO Company can easily attract more staff that are interested in staying back to the company.

If we talk about attrition around the globe, here are the statistics:


To assist you better, here we team up some tips to help you avoid increasing attrition:

1. A Realistic Approach

To combat the increasing attrition, call centre companies need to be clear and realistic in approach. Firms need to be transparent to the candidates and maintain clearness so that the staff trusts the services.

Rather than bragging about the advantages offered by your organization, talk to your potential staff about the ground reality before she/he joins. When the employees know their profile, it becomes easy for them to digest the monotonous work environment and work amid pressure when required.

It has to be the employee’s choice to work as a customer support agent because when a person loves her/his job, it becomes easy to do justice to the responsibilities.

To make sure that it is the agents’ will to work in the company, business process outsourcing companies can conduct an open house event. By doing so, BPOs make sure that they hire the people who are interested in becoming partners.

2. The Right Person for the Right Position

Every BPO company tests its candidate before hiring, and each hire is made for a particular designation. To avoid attrition, it is essential to match a candidate to her/his desired designation.

Call centre companies can lower their attrition rate only when they identify the staff’s strength and assign tasks accordingly.

Evaluate your candidates and direct responsibilities accordingly. Attrition increases when you expect more and do not train the agents adequately to meet the necessities.

3. Employee Feedback

The increasing attrition is like a nightmare for companies, as the call centre services lose time in managing the hiring and training responsibilities repeatedly.

To avoid attrition, it is essential to focus on employee feedback. Why is it necessary?

Well, feedback and then action on time can help companies earn the staff’s loyalty back. When the business makes the necessary changes as suggested by the staff, the team feels blessed and has a sensation that their requirements are essential to the organization. Thus, they might drop the plan to change.

To retain employees, it is essential to take care of their needs, simplify their issues that may be hindering efficient service performance, and make the business environment enjoyable.

4. Health Facilities

Taking care of the employees’ health facilities is the responsibility of the business. Agent attrition increases when the employee finds that the company does not pay any heed to their health.

If an employee handles repetitive customer calls all day and does not get a healthy environment to work in, she/he will flee to other organizations offering better services. Thus, BPOs need to plan regular health check-ups for their employees, build an environment that gives positivity, make sure that the seats are comfortable enough, and provide health insurance too.

These facilities compel the agents to stay back and augments the business image too.

5. Leisure Time

Every BPO company needs to separate leisure times for their employees. The call centre environment is said to be monotonous, which is why the firm needs to take care of the staff’s requirements and do not overload them with responsibilities, which might compel them to leave the business.

Call centre firms should define the time dedicated to working with timings for the break. Refreshment is necessary to avoid health issues, and to handle the next task with ease.

6. Training

When a business expects more from an employee and compels her/him to work more without appropriate training, the result will be attrition.

Call centre outsourcing firms should always train their agents well. Since the agents work for the clients and will be responsible for their brand name, thus adequate training is vital.

Avoiding investment in training and expecting more irritates the staff, compelling them to look for an organization that values their worth.

7. Career Help

Employees will love to be in a company that helps them with career guidance. Thus, BPOs should encourage their staff and assist them in augmenting their strength.

Help the employees with a chart to understand what they need to do to reach the next step and you will get an enthusiastic individual working eagerly for your business excellence.

8. Improving Company Culture

Every company’s culture needs to reflect the brand name. The brand value attracts more employees and customers, thus investment in culture augmentation is crucial.

Interact with the staff, know their limitations, know all that they wish the company provided, and work upon the same to earn employee satisfaction.

When the company culture improves, it automatically attracts interested candidates, thus focus on correct investment.

Employees today want to be recognized, valued, and trusted, so companies need to start laying the foundation.

What else? At last, companies can even promote flexible scheduling to lower employee turnover.

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