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7 Frightening Facts About Managing Staff

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If you’re a business owner first, and a manager second, there may be certain aspects of managing staff that flat out terrify you. You might have zero experience managing other people, but find that doing so is an essential part of running your own business. In honor of Halloween, let’s look at a few of those frightening facts. Which of them can you identify with?

#1. You’ve Got to Tell Everyone What To Do

Some people live for being bossy. Others, not so much. If the idea of having to tell a slacking employee to get up and do some work makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. But unfortunately, it’s part of the job you’ll have to embrace. Find the balance between being a dictator and a respected boss, and you’ll do fine.

#2. Not Everyone Will Like You

And this isn’t a popularity contest, so it’s okay if not all your staff loves you and your management style. It can hurt if you take it personally, so focus on maintaining healthy business relationships, and pay attention to how others react to your leadership style. If you’re coming across as harsh, consider changing tactics.

#3. You Will Have to Fire People

Hopefully you won’t have to do this often, but it may come up. Again, you’re not trying to be friends with your staff, so if you do have to fire anyone, do so objectively (not when you are angry) and be able to explain your reasons for doing so. Set your ground rules about what absolutely constitutes firing, and stick to your guns.

#4. You Won’t “Get” Every Generation

With Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers all working in the same building, you’ll notice they all respond differently to your management style. While it’s a challenge to customize your style for each employee, do pay attention to what works, and use it to your advantage. See how people bloom when you use their preferred style of communication.

#5. Others Will Pick Up on Your Flaws

If you run a business as a solopreneur, there’s really no one holding a mirror up to how you do things. But as a manager, you will see yourself through other people’s eyes. Be open to constructive criticism, and work to improve. For example, if you realize you’re not complimenting or showing your staff appreciation enough, it’s easy to start doing so. Build it into your day every day.

#6. You Now Have Payroll Expenses

Again, operating as a solopreneur and then a business owner with employees is completely different. You’ve got to ensure you have money in the bank to pay your staff on time, as well as cover their health insurance and other benefits. If you can’t do that, you’re not ready for staff.

#7. You Have People Who Look to You

You are now the authority. Others will check how you behave and model their own actions on it. If that makes you uncomfortable, consider hiring a manager to take over. Or just get over it!

Being a manager can be a huge personal development tool, if you’re willing to see yourself how others see you. Just be open to the feedback you get (both spoken and unspoken) and be flexible about changing your tactics if it means you’ll get better results.

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