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6 Inspiring Modern Day Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

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Every great business starts with a great idea. Every great idea comes from the mind of a great entrepreneur. Inventions like the automobile, computer, and cell phone all started as an idea, and through the determination of an entrepreneur, developed into something huge.

The greatest thing about entrepreneurs is anyone can be one. With the development of the internet, becoming an entrepreneur is becoming easier and easier. There are many websites that are geared towards helping people launch their ideas.

Even colleges are making it easy for people by offering online classes, or holding contests. Although getting a great education is not necessary, it is definitely a huge advantage if you are planning on becoming on starting your own business.

Entrepreneurs drive innovation and have made a tremendous impact in the world of business. An entrepreneur can be anyone from a small business owner to the owner or a large corporation. They create new jobs and new innovations.

From entrepreneurs with a heart for helping others to those who dream of running the next Fortune 500 company, industry leaders are built from an idea that expanded into a moving organism of hope, passion, and dedication. Just look at Facebook’s Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg. He started a social networking site out of boredom, and it blossomed into one of the most advanced social networking platforms the Internet has to offer.

Some entrepreneurs are even making strides to make a difference in the world such as TOM’s Blake Mycoskie. For every pair of TOM’s bought, a child from an impoverished country gets a pair too. With inspiring stories such as these, it’s easy to see why entrepreneurs set out to chase their dreams.  All these things are making entrepreneurs a crucial part of our world. Here are 6 inspiring modern-day entrepreneurs with the lessons you can learn from their success.


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