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10 Tips to Show True Leadership in Your New Business

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Many leaders, who are facing leadership for the first time and have varying amounts of experience, all share the same fear: they are scared that their team, colleagues and acquaintances will find out that they are a fraud. But this fear can be avoided by transitioning from a ‘doer’ to a leader with vision, although it is a hard transition to make – depending on where you worked before, what position you were in, and the amount of responsibility you had then, bit it’s a transition work making in order to run your own company.

Making the leap from a ‘doer’, where you successfully complete your tasks and projects in order to make your mark and deliver results, to becoming the leader of your own business, where you will now have to take the reins and lead your team to success, may leave you feeling like you’re making little progress as your new leadership role. This could be due to the work you do, not showing the same noticeable results. This feeling could, in turn, lead to internal tension and insecurity, both of which you do not want your employees to feel. And, because it’s impossible to be a full-time ‘doer’ and leader at the same time, it’s crucial for you – as the leader of your new business – to reassess where you can add value to your company and take your new role head on.

#1. Talk About What Success Looks Like

Everyone’s vision of what success looks like is different, which is why it is important for you to share your vision with your team. Take them to a business center, have a meeting where you can all discuss your ideas, thoughts and what you can each do in order to reach your vision of success. You should do this often so that you can keep on track and remind your team of your expectations for the future.

#2. Tell Each Employee what your Expectations are for them

This is an essential part of being a leader that should not be overlooked. Most people want to know and understand exactly what is expect of them in order to move forward, reach targets and goals, and progress from position to position. This is especially important for those employees who are new to the company.

#3. Realize that you won’t Know Everything, and that’s Okay

As a leader, you have to understand that you won’t know everything. Which is an aspect of the role that should be more appreciated. Knowing everything is impossible, and by making peace with that and relying on others who have incredible knowledge of their field of work, will show your team that you know they can handle their areas of expertise, and that will only make your team stronger.

#4. Support your Team in any way you can

In order to run your business as smoothly as possible, you have to have a team who can work together effectively and confidently. To ensure that your team runs as such, it is important that you support them in whatever way necessary, including making it clear that you are available to help them with tasks, give them advice, and be a neutral party when it comes to solving any problems.

#5. Ask Clever Questions to Provoke Insight and Action

As a leader you just tell your employees what to do, right? Wrong. Inquiring instead of demanding is a better way to communicate, as by asking open-ended questions, you will empower your employees to better existing practices and make innovative solutions.

#6. Clear obstacles to Avoid Confusion

No one said that running interference was glamorous or easy, but is a key role of being a leader and will help your team succeed. It is your job to be one step ahead, anticipate any problems that may arise and create a game plan to make sure that both you and your team are prepared to handle anything – including setbacks.

#7. Learn from your Team

Just because you’re the boss and leader of your company, doesn’t mean that you know it all. Working with a diverse group of people who specialize in an array of field’s means you, even as their leader, have the potential to learn something new every day. This is something you should take advantage of, as learning about the processes of your new business and seeing the amount of work your employees put in every day, being interested in learning about what they are doing, will show them that you are interested and care about their work and them as an employee.

#8. Have a Positive and Upbeat Attitude

A positive attitude can keep your team motivated, their energy levels up, and lead them and your company on a continued path to success. By keeping the mood in the office positive, you are more likely to see that your employees are more productive, happy and upbeat, as well as working harder and devoting themselves more to tasks at hand.

#9. Emit Confidence

There will be times where you are worried about a task that has gone slightly off plan, or days where you feel the panic set in when an approaching deadline is just around the corner, but with any business, no matter how large or small, it’s important to stay calm and confident. As a leader, putting out fires and maintaining team morale are all part of your job description, and by keeping up your confidence level and assuring your team that setbacks are all a part of business, you will be able to keep your team composed – as they will pick up on whatever you are feeling – and keep everyone working and moving ahead.

#10. Be Committed

There’s nothing like showing your employees how committed you are by working alongside your team in the trenches. This shows them that hard work is being done on every level and proves your commitment to your brand and your role, earning respect from your team while instilling that same hardworking attitude to each and every one of your staff members. But, it’s not only important to show them your commitment to the work at hand, but to the promises you give them, too. Your promise of a meal at a nice restaurant if you reach your monthly goals, getting off work early on Friday if you hit target, or simply having a drink at your local bar to celebrate an achievement, by keeping your word you will earn their trust which will follow through to them working harder and being more committed to you as a leader and the company.

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