How to Conduct an Effective UX Interview

User interviews are typically part of any ideation phase, generative research, or concept development. It’s not just about chatting with people. In fact, the interviews should follow a structured methodology in order to get the most out of them. Whatever your role — designer, product manager, marketer, researcher — you need to prepare the topics […]
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Incentivizing Interviewees to Help Your Company Stand out From the Crowd

Incentivizing Interviewees Using Prepaid-Cards The labor market is tight and the competition to attract talent is fiercer than ever. As companies battle over a dwindling supply of workers, they are being forced to get ever-more creative. According to the Wall Street Journal, employers are boosting pay and offering gift cards to applicants who show up […]
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Never Miss a Beat in the Hiring Process Again With These 9 Steps

Let’s be honest, hiring is a tiring job. It takes a lot out of you trying to find the ideal candidate for your company. But if you want your business to improve, grow, and succeed, the hiring process is 100% necessary. To find out what steps to take to find the perfect candidate for your […]
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7 Applicant Skills Employers Require Regardless of the Job

You’re one applicant competing with other candidates to nail a position you’re after. So in addition to your well-tailored CVs and your preparation for interviews, you need to know these applicant skills employers require, regardless of the job you’re applying for. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or someone looking for career advancement, you know that […]
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Kfir Gavrieli on Tieks and Operation #SewTogether

Kfir Gavrieli is the founder and CEO of designer shoe company Tieks. Tieks has been growing in popularity with their line of women’s flat shoes known for their signature split-sole, Italian leather, comfort, and portability. Tieks, founded in 2008 and officially launched in 2010, was one of the early brands to sell exclusively through its […]
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To Cover Letter or Not to Cover Letter? 5 Factors to Consider

Is writing a cover letter a waste of time or the key to landing your dream job? Find out what the experts say. Certain employer portals allow you to include a cover letter while others don’t. Some recruiters say they don’t bother to read them and that they’re a waste of their time and yours. […]
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A Guide to Creating a Career changing CV

It can be challenging to write a CV, but it can be even more challenging for a person who is changing their career. There is a good chance you will go through a career change at one point of your life. This could happen as a result of long-held aspirations or discovering a new dream. […]
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Powerful Interview Tips for Landing New Jobs

3 Powerful Interview Tips for Landing New Jobs

These tips will help you when going for a new job, a new promotion or new client meetings (sales). TIP 1: RESEARCH Before you do anything you should spend some time researching the company and the person whom you will be meeting. In this day and age you can be fairly certain that they have […]
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