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Why I Love Email Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

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Email marketing is here to stay, and it has grown to be one channel of marketing with the highest returns. For every dollar invested, you can earn as much as $40, if you have a great email marketing strategy that works.

This form of marketing is the real deal if you are focused on pulling traffic to your website. And it helps with generating fast conversions.

So, if you think this form of marketing is as good as dead, then you should have a rethink.

It has been considered the most powerful digital marketing tool used in modern times. If it wasn’t, then why do you think our inboxes are filled with promotion and news bulletins?

It is false to think that this form of marketing is not for you. It is easy and can work for any business. Here are some reasons why I love email marketing and you should too.

#1. Email marketing gives me an avenue to send information to people that are interested in what I have to offer

The people in my mailing list are not some random folks. They chose to be on my mailing list because they are interested in what I do.

They gave me their email address willingly in exchange for a highly valuable asset — me. They see my brand as one to be associated with.

Your mailing list will help you talk to the right people — those who are interested in you. You get to tell your audience what they want to hear and also sell them what they are interested in without sounding salesy.

This is a strategy that works well all the time. This gives you a high open rate for your email unlike when you purchase email addresses of some random people.

Just to add, purchasing email addresses is a bad habit. Don’t do it because you will lose your money eventually.

#2. Email marketing makes my brand accessible to my readers on their mobile devices

Mobile marketing is very important to your business marketing efforts. And there are several examples of companies that have used — and still using — mobile marketing successfully.

This is because two-thirds of most email users access their email on their mobile devices. This is a very important when sending out your emails. Your emails must be readable on mobile devices, i.e. mobile friendly.

Your readers must enjoy reading your content on their mobile devices seamlessly without any distraction. Use attention grabbing headlines that are easy to read and straight to the point.

One tool you can use to refine your headline is the Coschedule Headline Analyzer. This tool grades your headlines and you can use it to get the winning headline for your emails.

Another thing is that your content must be well spaced. One sentence per line. Don’t forget that most of your readers access their emails on their mobile devices and adding multiple sentences on a line can be discouraging.

Make it fun, and straight to the point. Your images must be catchy with call to action buttons that leads to your site — if necessary. This is an effective strategy that works every time.

#3. People are less prone to see my emails as spam

In 2010, reports from industry consultants has it that most unsolicited emails were marked as spam by the recipients. Today, this number has dropped drastically by over 25%.

This simply means one in five people open the newsletters they receive. This has been attributed to access to smart phones which has made it easier for people to read their emails anywhere they are.

#4. I can send mass and personalized emails to my lists at a go

There are several email marketing clients in the world that has simplified the process of sending personalized mass emails. With just a click, I can send a personalized email to thousands of people.

How do you feel when you receive an email from your favorite site that addresses you by your first name — and in some case your full names — even when you know that this is a mass email?

I feel special every time this happens. I always feel like I have a personal relationship with the sender and I can easily reach out to them when I need their help. This only possible with email marketing.

Email marketing trumps social media in this aspect. This alone will allow you sell your products to your prospects easily since you’ve built a connection with them overtime and people are more inclined to buy from someone they know.

#5. I can send more targeted emails to different segments

It is best to segment your email list as it gets bigger. It gives you the opportunity to sell to different buyers in a different way. No two segments should be the same.

Most times I use segments to send out the right information to the right person who needs them. This is a good means of lead generation as my emails are received expectantly.

Different segments can be assigned by sending different emails to your lists and asking them to opt-in to their preferred segment. This will go a long way in boosting your revenue as you get to always send out the right emails to the right person every time.

#6. I can automate the process of winning over a prospective client

It’s a thing of the past to follow up a potential client manually. Email marketing has been modernized to be automated. You can use drip email campaigns and automated workflows to reach your lists.

You can set up auto-responders with series of pre-written and personalized emails which are targeted at your leads any time they sign up to your list. This means that you don’t necessary have to manually draft an email every time you’ve a new lead.

Setting up auto-responders will save you time, money, and will also help you to convert your leads into long term partners.

#7. I can show clients that my brand cares

I use email marketing to remind my clients that I am there for them 24/7, all year round. With email marketing, you can send personalize messages like birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

The beauty of email marketing is that all these processes can be automated without you needing to lift a finger every single time. Who wouldn’t love email marketing with these reasons?

Overall, email marketing is easy to use, and highly effective.

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