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Top Programming Languages in 2016 [Infographic]

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We live in such a world where, whether we’re trying to sell our service or flying out into space, technology moves everything and we need computer science help. Proficient knowledge of coding is a must for every company that wants to pursue their high-tech goals. The world of coding is evolving as fast as it can and the necessity for programming languages is rising.

A programming language is a special language that programmers use in order to develop scripts, apps, software and other instructions for computers to follow. Expert programmers, those who didn’t require help with programming homework and have developed their skills to the maximum, make coding and programming languages look easy. But the fact is learning and developing in the world of coding takes months and months, until you’re able to actually make a difference and develop large applications and innovative technology.

If you’re a part of the industry, and you still haven’t added coding to your arsenal of skills, this is the perfect time to get started. With programming job positions having a significantly higher salary than average positions, all those who have the right skills are going to find employment easily.

Coding enables people, companies, and brands to bring their vision to life and reach out to clients and customers around the world. This is why these languages have become so popular. They are basically your tool that enables you to create and control technology in the desired way.

Certain programming languages are going to see a rise because they are still used and needed, while others will see a decline in their usage. Some languages are obviously more sought out in the workforce, while other’s not so much. 2016 is the year of development and innovation, and experts who are in the know of programming languages are a part of every industry. They can provide programming homework help, but their area of expertise is technological development. That is one of the reasons why so many online services are offering programming homework help. So, what are the top programming languages in 2016 that will enable us to use technology in the desired way?

With the tech sector booming, it definitely pays off to invest in gaining knowledge and expertise in programming languages. Not only is it affordable, it also enables you to utilize technology to break the limits and create innovative and useful content. If you’re looking into which languages are in demand now, stay tuned to see which ones are owning the scene this year.

Top Programming Languages in 2016

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What are the best programming languages this 2016?

#1. Java programming language

Java is originally the server-side of interpreting language. Because of Java, you have android which in return, gives you the benefits of seeing images, playing games, and creating virtual tours. You get to enjoy these interactive contents because of the program. For the record, Oracle’s Java is one of the most popular programming languages which make it important if you want to learn the program. Actually, if you want to learn the basic, you need to learn how Java works. It’s used in devices, operating systems, and on all platforms.

Java is an object-oriented, high-level programming language, which applies three main rules of OOP: encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. The main advantage of Java is that it works on all platforms and developer doesn’t need to create a separate program for each platform like it was done before. It is supported by all operating systems, like:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • IOS

Average Salary of Java Programmer: $102 000
IT Companies Hiring: Google, IBM, eBay, Amazon, J.P. Morgan
Number of Job Openings: 14 326

#2. C programming language

C is simply one of the oldest programming languages there is. It’s because of C we have C++ and Phyton which are more comprehensive and higher level languages. C was developed way back in 1970s. But surely, it’s the reason why we have many breakthroughs in this technology age. Will you believe these huge systems below are still powered by C?

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Some of the reasons why C is still unbeatable and popular to use are these:

  • Portability and Efficiency
  • Memory Manipulation
  • Code Size

You might think the reasons are too ‘geeky’ and can’t be understood. But C is not a hard language to learn. You will need it because it’s considered as the lingua Franca of the developers. Most programmers know more than one programming language, that is why if you have chosen this career path you can start learning from C and go forward with C#, C++, Java, Python or even PHP. Moreover, C is also widely used for embedded development and micro-controllers and different hardware are programmed with C.

Average Salary of C Programmer: $102 000
IT Companies Hiring: Microsoft, Amazon
Number of Job Openings: 33 545 (together with C++)

#3. C++ programming language

C++ is the reason for the creation of software, drivers, and trading algorithms that have been richly used today. This programming language is the extension of c language and also object-oriented. Because of C++, you have been reaping the benefits of it ever since it was created and manipulated by programmers. It is already considered as the most famous programming language in the world. If you learn this language, there is just no way it will not benefit you. Every programmer knew and spoke the same language.

C++ was developed to simplify the life of the developer, while it is OOP language, it allows to manipulate low-level memory which making it more flexible comparing Java for example. C++ is widely used not only for different kind of software for Windows, Linux and other platforms, but also it allows to program hardware in a simpler way than C did.

Average Salary of C++ Programmer: $104,000
IT Companies Hiring: Microsoft, Amazon, Bank of America, Activision, Pixar, Studios, CyberCoders
Number of Job Openings: 33 545 (together with C)

#4. C# programming language

The C# Programming Language is used on all platforms that uses Windows. Why not? Microsoft Company developed C#. The origin of it was developed during .NET initiative and is an object-oriented programming language.

.NET framework itself is a very flexible and in addition to C# it supports various other languages like Java, C++ and you can easily implement different kind not C# written frameworks to use in your software. The main disadvantage of C# is that it is platform specific and can work only in Microsoft Windows based environments which are costly and yield to Linux Based analogues.

Average Salary of C# Programmer: $94 000
IT Companies Hiring: Microsoft
Number of Job Openings: 10 445

#5. Python programming language

Python language is the easiest language for beginners. If you’re starting to learn the language of programming, this is the best fit for you. It was designed in the late 1990s and was used to develop:

  • Web application
  • Games
  • Software

This high level language has fast gained popularity, not only because its simple syntax, but also that it requires to code less getting the same results as in Java or C++. The other advantage of Python is that it has a huge standard library and huge active official community, saving a lot of time for the developer for Googling functions and features realization each time implementing new.

Average Salary of Python Programmer: $107 000
IT Companies Hiring: Dell, Intel, Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, NASA
Number of Job Openings: 367 717

#6. php programming language

The programming language php was created using the C language. It is a server-side interpreted language and is used to develop web applications. Because of php, there are now ways to tweak and write custom extensions in C and C++. As a matter of fact, the biggest brands in the internet is powered and run through php language. You have got:

  • Yahoo!
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • ProProfs
  • Digg

Probably php is the most widely used language for web applications and web development. It is the base of majority of CMS (content management systems) and engines built with php allows simply add functionality to HTML/CSS web pages. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are all use php scripts, add-ons and frameworks.

Average Salary of php Programmer: $89 000
IT Companies Hiring: Microsoft, Amazon
Number of Job Openings: 19 872

#7. Visual Basic .NET programming language

Visual Basic .NET or shortly called VB .NET was developed by Microsoft. The sole purpose is to target .NET framework to be able to develop applications and GUI for sites that run on the Windows servers, Windows desktop software, and Windows Phone apps.This language is characterized by enchanted security, it is also used by .net framework. Like C# it is also platform specific language, that is why it cannot be used together with non-Microsoft products.

Average Salary of C Programmer: $83 000
IT Companies Hiring: Microsoft
Number of Job Openings: 2 689

#8. JavaScript programming language

Most of the websites online is powered by JavaScript. It has a library called JQuery which is used to design the games, software, and mobile applications for human needs. But to get things straight, JavaScript is nowhere related to Java.

Javascript is a prototype based programming language which supports different programming styles, like object-oriented and imperative programming. JavaScript is one of the building blocks of World Wide Web together with HTMl and CSS. It helps to make content dynamic.

Average Salary of JavaScript Programmer: $99 000
IT Companies Hiring: Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung
Number of Job Openings: 8 752

#9. Assembly Language programming language

This is a good opportunity for you in learning the language because IT Companies in the world need an Assembly Language. The primary usage is in IBM PC DOS operating systems. The purpose of this is to be able to optimize the speed and size of program.

Usually it is used to program hardware and different kind of devices, these can be medical equipment, microwaves, sport equipment and many others. It is a low-level programming language, that is why it is quite complex to learn.

Average Salary of Assembly Language Programmer: $90 000
IT Companies Hiring: Microsoft, Apple, Google
Number of Job Openings: 4 755

#10. Ruby programming language

Last but definitely not the least is the Ruby programming language. It is very similar to Python and was developed way back 1990s. Ruby is a server-side scripting language. It was developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. The reason behind the name “Ruby” was because it was the birthstone of one of the main developer’s colleague. The programming language is relatively easy to decipher and learn. People say you just need a 20 minute guide to start using Ruby.

Ruby on Rails is the main framework used to develop using Ruby language, it utilizes Model-View-Controller template written on Ruby for web applications and allows to integrate applications with web server and database. It is one of widely used languages for complex web application development and supported by the majority of browsers.

Average Salary of Ruby Programmer: $107 000
IT Companies Hiring: ERC, Amazon, CyberCoders
Number of Job Openings: 7 774

All in all, there is really no such thing as the “greatest” language in programming. Everyone contributes to the certain greatness of the development of software and hardware. Some programming languages has its own advantages, some has cons. The only thing you need is to be able to find your own identity and forte.

NB. Figures and salaries correct at time of publication – Sept 2016

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