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Top 5 Things to Do If Your B2B Marketing Plan Isn’t Working 

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As advantageous B2B marketing can be over other marketing plans it often comes with a risk of losing out on the selected few companies which are your prospects.  Convincing a small audience is easier than convincing the masses but what if your plan doesn’t work out? This can be disastrous because there is a limited market for B2B as compared to the consumer market. It’s expected that the decision to choose B2B must be a result of a diligently thought process aiming at long-term goals rather than shorter ones.

If you are a seller of a niche product or service which cannot target scattered audiences in general then your only goal is to target the partnerships where your supply is of value. This requires you to be patient before your plan bear fruits.

Hence, before we plunge into learning the top five things to do if your B2B marketing plan is not working it is important you already understand if it’s a failure of your plan or too much expectation too early. B2B deals are longer and it takes time before you are already doing very well.

#1. Effective communication

How are you interacting with your leads and prospects? Is this via online advertising or some kind of promotional event? Is it via a public or one to one meeting or via a referral? The more credible your outreach is the more your chances of success. For example, a personal meeting or a referral will always have more chances of getting business deals. 

Remember we are talking here about impressing and communicating with small sets of people and hence the communication should be more effective, direct and customized in the very manner business demands. You cannot expect to lure businesses by a generic content type. To make your B2B marketing plan better you must improve the strategy on how you communicate and attract business.

#2. Conversion of visitors or potential leads into customers

If you are not able to convert your visitors into consumers you are failing somewhere. Typically your B2B plan must be prepared in such a way that it does at least 5-10 % of conversions. To improve this you not only need to lay out the business plan and cost and details about sales but you would also need to go an extra mile and talk about the extra sales support and long-term interests and benefits you can offer.

Since your potential buyer is already focusing on building a long-term relationship you must also think alike and not just try to get a deal. Further, you must also understand that even though your offer sounds good there are chances that your potential customer forgets about it. It is your duty to remind him about the deal. That’s how conversions are made. You don’t give up until you have made business. This doesn’t mean spamming your lead but only refers to creating a reminder so that you don’t lose what you could have gained.

#3. Understand that trends change. Be flexible

You might be gauging the readiness of your b2b marketing plan by the efforts and probable outcomes you expected while drafting the plan. Trends keep changing. You must be flexible enough to make the adjustment. For example, if you are a small vehicle provider selling services to companies which need your vehicles for providing transportation to its employees and you are not able to convert your offers into business deals may be you are restricting yourself to a limited market.

With technical advancements trends have changed. Instead of selling your services to large individual companies you can try tying up with a cab vehicle service which is already connected to individual companies and is in need of more vehicles. Do you rely on ads, social media platforms and SEO results? What if most of these deals are made during arranged conferences and workshops. Another example can be not matching up the pace with the technical advancements. For example, if your website is not mobile compatible you might also be losing leads simply because of it. Your lead generator must be able to tell you where to focus after a good analytics of the content reach and interaction which brings next point.

#4. Using analytics

With the help of numerous analytics tools and hiring an expert you can set goals and track your strategy. There are options to experiment with a small section of your event and you can see a noticeable difference. It is a known fact that analytics always improves the marketing performance as you can see differences in an outcome more visibly than ever.

#5. To focus on the success of your customer

It goes without saying that you cannot succeed until you build a high level of trust while selling a B2B product. A good example of this is the after sales or extra services offered apart from main product sale.  With most companies as they gain more clients, they tend to lose focus on repeat buyers and this can lead to a business loss. While aiming for your success you must not forget about the success of client you already have, even if you have just a few of them. Building a reputation needs time and sincerity. A happy customer is the best way to achieve success. Besides repeat business is a lot easier than gaining a new client.


While all above five points for B2B marketing plans are tried and tested you may want to engage in a deeper research to understand the context. If you are just a beginner it’s worthwhile getting your first few clients before you can simultaneously exploit all the areas of marketing. Bulk SMS, Blogging, telemarketing, SEO, emails and cold calls are widely in use these days.

The question you must evaluate is if you have enough resource expenditure. That is you must cut your coat according to your clothes. Lastly, you must believe in your plan because if you don’t trust it then how you will convince your buyers. The B2B consumers are interested in your sale as long as you seem interested in making the sale. If you are not fully and cent percent interested then probably so will your consumers be?

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