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The Top 5 Online Jobs

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Having a good online job is one of the most popular options for individuals who prefer to stay at home and earn a living at the same time. Only home-based workers experience the convenience of lesser travel expenses and quality time with their family. Furthermore, setting your own schedule is often possible which means you can even work according to your own pace.

This is highly recommended for stay-at-home mothers or for college students who want to make some income during their spare time. One would need a fast and reliable internet connection, a pc or a laptop and voila, you can start working from the comfort of your home. What opportunities are currently available on the web? There are a lot but allow us to share a few insights about some of today’s top online jobs.

Top 5 Online Jobs

#1. Blogging

It seems blogging has always been synonymous with making money via the internet. Apart from creating your own blog and earning from ads, blogging for others is also a good idea for those with superb writing skills.

Numerous companies are looking forward to hire individuals that can handle their blog effectively. This is quickly becoming a favorite opportunity for many writers because it brings a handsome income.

Niches can vary widely from laptops and health, to vehicles and many others. Challenging as that may sound, resourceful writers are always aware that there are a lot of available references online. Researching for information is never too difficult if you use the internet. With the available sources on the internet, you can comfortably write insightful articles for your employer.

To qualify as a blog writer, all you need is a good resume and an impressive portfolio. Companies will likely want to see a few samples of your previous work before they hire your services.

#2. Transcription

Transcription work is also one of the top jobs online. With the many videos and audio files found on the internet, companies are willing to pay a nice salary for individuals willing to transcribe for them. Despite the fact that speech-to-text programs have already been created, they are still not as accurate as human transcribers are and that definitely means good opportunity for interested people.

When accepting a transcription job, it always helps to have the proper equipment to make the tasks easier. Investing on a transcription foot pedal, for example, can greatly increase your productivity because it lets you pause and play the recording without having to click anything. This means you can retain your hand’s typing position and you’ll be able to get more things done (and earn bigger) by the end of the day.

#3. Customer Support

A list of top online jobs is never complete without mentioning something about providing customer support services. Although most costumer service jobs are still handled by big call centers, some companies are now more open about the idea of hiring capable independent workers.

Customer support representatives do the daily tasks of taking calls and responding to clients’ concerns and inquiries. Of course, the main goal is to resolve people’s concerns so that product replacement or refunds will no longer be necessary for the company. You can find part-time and full-time customer service jobs on the web if you keep your eyes peeled.

For the most part, doing some research on the internet will lead you to the right jobs. You will definitely see countless of possible companies on the web but you have to be cautious not to do dealings with scammers. People who were previously victimized by unscrupulous sources will always tell you that there are many fly-by-night companies out there. Exercising caution is necessary if you want to avoid these potential problems. To discover which providers get the most complaints, you can try visiting different blogs and forums.

#4. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual office assistant is quickly becoming one of the best online jobs from home. This is specifically ideal for individuals who are skilled when it comes to providing administrative assistance. Virtual assistants can earn as much as $15 to $100 per hour, depending on your client and the type of work that will be asked from you. Some workers provide this type of service for companies while there are some that do that for celebrities. Available opportunities vary widely but you bet it’s not too difficult to find one that matches your interest. Look around and compare the qualifications and income range for you to get the best deal.

#5. Online Writer

Those who have a way with words can see numerous opportunities to earn on the internet. These days, many companies are looking to hire writers to create regular content for their websites and blogs. Additionally, many online entrepreneurs are now seeing the significance of article marketing in their overall business strategy. They definitely need professional online writers who can provide them with informative and promotional write-ups. Rates often depend on the type of work they require from you. In addition, article word count is another consideration and so that means you will earn bigger when they ask lengthy articles from you. Just show them a good portfolio and you’ll get the chance to start working right away.

Assigned topics could vary widely but the good thing is that you always have the internet at your side. You can do your researches online if you lack the knowledge about certain subjects. Key in the right keywords on your favorite search engine and you’ll immediately see relevant results.

One of these five job ideas might just help you launch a successful career working from home.

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