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Tips For Improving Your Web Design

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Content is king, but it is not everything. It is difficult to make your website visitors stick to your website for a long duration. For this, you need to look at every aspect that will make things easy for you and your website visitors.

Out of the many things you should focus on, we are sharing tips that will help you improve your web design and up your chances of high conversions and low bounce and exit rates.

#1. Designing and linking your logo

To start with, you need to have a polished, professional logo that creates and impact instantly. This means you’ll have to stay in constant touch with the designer and be sure that they are designing the ideal logo that will improve the image of your brand.

Remember that designing a great logo is not the only thing that is to be done. You need to be sure that it is located prominently on your website. Usually, it is advised to place the logo in the upper left corner of your home page.

The placement of the logo should be such that it should be visible on each page of your website.

#2. Keep it simple

This is one of the mistakes beginners make because they think that more images and tabs will help in keeping the visitors engaged. In some cases, it is possible that certain visit else might be engaged for some time on your website because of this particular track but in most of the cases, it will start turning out to be annoying.

Get rid of clutter and keep your web design as simple as possible. Overloading the pages with images and information will not increase your sales, and so you need to be extremely careful.

#3. Pop-ups are not always necessary

In the previous point, we have discussed that you should avoid overloading your pages in every possible way. However, many people think that pop-up for an entirely different thing, and it helps in grabbing the attention of the visitor. It is true that it helps in grabbing the attention of the visitors, but the same depends on the type of popup and the content you place in this section.

Topics that can make life easy for your visitor is usually accepted, but if the popup is created simply to get a subscription, it is better to avoid it.

#4. Intuitive navigation

Using the sidebar is necessary, and this is not a new thing. However, many people still avoid it. Consider having primary navigation options (usually deployed in a horizontal bar), along with secondary navigation options.

This is important because confusing navigation layout will start annoying visitors and it will be difficult for you to keep them hope for a long time on your website.

#5. Create a design to attract your target audience

Creating a world class web design is not in the interest of your business if your target audience does not connect with it.

For example, if your target audience is an accountant, look for a design that looks professional and also talks business.

Similarly, if you’re targeting by geographical restrictions (example Perth), make sure that you’re looking for designers having adequate knowledge about web design in Perth that can create a positive impact on your target audience.

#6. Using the right colors

Using colors strategically is important because it will create a strong impact on your visitor’s mind. For example, neutral colors help in projecting and elegant, modern and clean appearance. Having a colorful website will make visitors feel like they are in for some entertainment and fun.

#7. Breathing room for visitors

Even with limited content, you can make things difficult for your visitors if you do not give them breathing room. Create enough space between paragraphs and images so that the viewer gets an opportunity to absorb all the features of your website and business.

If you’re worried about the white space, it is better to control it through the layout. This will help users to focus on the content that is posted on the website.

#8. Choose the right content

If you think that a single image can be effective, there is no need to add 100 words unnecessarily on the page. If a video can be good enough for detailing the process, there is no need for additional content for your visitors. Choosing the right content should be on your mind all the time, and you should constantly revise your website only if you think it will make things easy for your visitors.

#9. Choosing the right font

When choosing phones, people often forget that it should be easy to read not only on a particular device but different devices and even browsers. Using a Universal font will help.

Apart from the font, size is even important. You need to choose one that is easy to read and is at least 11 points in size.

#10. Use responsive design

If a design automatically adapts to how one is viewing the website, new designer responsive and it will better the experience of the user. With a better User experience, you can expect the visitor to spend more time on your website, and thus, the possibility of an increase in conversion rates might be seen.

Working on this aspect will be critical for your website and so take good care of the same.

#11. Testing

Finally, it is important to be sure that you have tested the website in every possible way and you’re confident that it looks perfect. Testing this to be done on a regular basis on different devices, browsers, and different users should be available to give your opinion on the same.

In the testing stage, it is also important to perform certain experiments with shades of a color, website Optimization, and even user experience. Even if the users are happy with everything, it is possible you can still enhance their experience. Bear in mind that the possibility of failing is high in this case.

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