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Social Media Is Great. What Are The Rules Again?

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I’ve been keeping an eye on an interesting conversation taking place on the A pretty reasonable point of view from Derbhile, don’t you think? If you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn, send a a little personal note outlining why they should connect with you.

As to why someone would indicate that they are a friend when they are not? well I’m not sure but it seems pretty silly to say the least.

The following are some of the comments from the resulting dialogue, please join the LinkedIn group above to read the full conversation.

# Have Respect

Stuart raises an interesting point around using LinkedIn properly and having respect for other members.

Asking a LinkedIn connection to mass mail their contacts doesn’t sound that respectful to me and it’s hardly surprising that Stuart chooses to respond by cutting off ties.

# Be Courteous

Right back at ya Carmel!

Shouldn’t we be as courteous when connecting with someone online as we are when seeking to connect with someone offline? By the way, what’s the difference again?

# Want a Relationship

Claire is right! 20 solid real world relationships with 20 good people far outweighs 200 weak virtual connections.

A critism leveled at social media is that it results in far too many weak connections and not enough meaningful relationships.

# Make A Connection

Now you’re talkin Tim!

In the right hands and used in the right way, Social Media makes it easier for people to connect and therefore makes it easier for people to connect, to form relationships and to do business.

# With a Real Person

Who’s that good looking chap?

OK, so he has a tendency to go on sometimes but I think his last point is on the money.

Perhaps if we reminded ourselves that it is a person we are attempting to connect with and that real world rules apply, then much of the silliness, annoyance and dare I say it stupidity that takes place online might not happen?

# Who happens to be an Individual, just like you!

Amanda reminds us all that there isn’t an absolutely right way to do it.

We are all different with different expectations, different boundaries and different comfort zones. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes respect, it takes listening and it takes trust before we can connect with another human being.

For me at least this is what it has always taken and what it remains to be truly social?

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