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Smart Business: 20 Reasons To Review 2012 And Look Ahead To 2013

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The word NEW means different things to different people – fresh, start, beginning, re-start, improve, more of, less of, give-up; a plethora of them are available I am sure. Some people wish to leave the old behind and start anew, some want to build on last year, and some need to re-build. What do you wish? Let’s have a look at some smart business highs and lows of 2012, and more smart things to look forward to in your business for 2013.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been bombarded with New Year quotes, celebrations, warnings and advice. I have been reading and watching with interest. Here are my favourites (not necessarily in order):

Smart Business – Appreciation of great things in 2012

# 1. Gangnam Style hits over 1 billion views

Well that was not hard to find. The first YouTube video to hit – and that will continue to matter in 2013.”

With an American slant, it is an interesting read for all of us, especially on the other side of the Atlantic, as what happens in the USA doesn’t STAY in the USA. Her last point on Capital Crunch really brings home the stifling lack of opportunity often experienced by SMEs to develop further or even dare to think ahead long-term.

# 4. Report: Social Business – Attracting Top Tier Talent

This very important report by the Ahain Group is an evaluation of the recruiting techniques employed by high profile businesses and recruitment agencies within Ireland, the UK and globally. The survey results set out to analyse the extent of recruiting changes and to uncover the use of online and offline channels for recruitment in 2012. Even though only 50 businesses were surveyed, they are real results, and across many different sectors. (You will need to provide some details to download the report.)

# 5. Business domain name changes

It’s interesting to read about big and growing brands go through a major change such as domain name change. It’s even more interesting when we do not notice it! Some of these are subtle, some we are very aware of. Point being it’s doable! Goal posts can be moved, and early decisions can be reviewed and even changed.

# 6. 30 ways to lose a job on twitter

Well we couldn’t write a blog post highlighting the social highs of 2012, without including sure ways to lose a job – on TWITTER! Imagine tweeting about failing your random drug test! Beware of imitators.

# 7. 2012 in 201.2 seconds

Apologies firstly, as this following video is mostly about the big news of the UK in 2012, but includes world news and politics. I like it as it provides a flashing retake on 366 days (what did you do with your extra day in 2012?)

[youtube width=”637″ height=”360″][/youtube]

# 8. An A-to-Z guide to 2012’s worst words

We are always looking for great buzzwords to use in our blog posts, or the boardroom. Some have found their way onto the web through celebrity or nerd appeal. Here is an A-Z guide to Jen Doll’s 2012’s worst words. My favourite worst word here is Meggings. But one I love is missing – “Meh” – even saying it out loud expresses it perfectly – try it!

# 9. A little bit “mummy porn”

Amongst other major events of 2012, such as the Olympics, Para-Olympics and the death of Whitney Houston, the one that really caught everyone’s attention was the release of 50 Shades of Grey, and ultimately the Trilogy. The UK Daily Mail online claims the book outstrips Harry Potter to become the fastest selling paperback since records began! That gets a space in my list for sure. I haven’t read any of the books yet, would you recommend them???

Smart Business – Looking forward to 2013

# 10. 3 Subtle ways to shift your attitude from can’t-do to can-do

John Coleman has “a few suggestions for anyone who’s also tired of hearing about what can’t be done.” The key here is the word SUBTLE. No drama, no flashing lights and touting YES WE CAN, just 3 nice subtle ways to shift a collective negative attitude – very timely for thinking about the year to come. I for one, have began to fill a jar with accomplishments notes, so I can look back in December 2013 and remind myself that YES, I achieved a lot, rather than focusing what are still on the goals un-achieved or TO-DO lists.

# 11. 7 Social media resolutions for 2013

Heidi Cohen is well respected in her sphere of work, and always has important and effective tips to share on Marketing and Social Media. Her post on 2013 Social Media Resolutions urges us to engage more with social media, as it is becoming ever more important for 2013.

# 12. 5 Social Media tools to save time and boost efficiency

We are all for timesaving and effective tools for improving our Social Media stats and reach. Ian Cleary introduces 5 easy to use tools that are high in analytics, automation or reach. I particularly like IFTTT, easy to set up and based on pure logic (with an IT background, I get excited about logic and formulae.)

# 13. 3 Words for 2013

Chris Brogan is the author of a book I am currently reading The Impact Equation. Chris is one of the good guys. He advocates social business and collaboration. Story-telling and emotional pull are key to his regular posts (every Sunday late morning (GMT)) and invites you to brew a hot beverage and pull up a chair. His “cozy fire-side” informal chat with brave and big stories makes it worthwhile to sign up for his updates. His post 3 Words for 2013 demonstrates his passion for focus and goal setting, by supporting these efforts with greater scope and dimension.

# 14. What’s it for?

Of course, I couldn’t mention Chris without mentioning Seth Godin. Seth has 3 words on his Homepage – Make something happen (preceded by the big word GO.) Go is an action word – action is the movement you need to achieve your goals. His recent post What’s it for? challenges the reasons why we do what we do, and what we stand for (in or businesses.) A thought-provoking piece.

For a little philosophy, I love this simple statement on important problems.

Here is a tip for you – go to Seth’s Homepage. Notice firstly his eyes are pointing to the right of the screen, and now look at the Nav Bar on the right. The screenshot below is his homepage peeking from behind my Word document as I was writing this blogpost. Something kept invading my peripheral vision – on closer look, I noticed the Blog button changing from orange to red. Subtle eh?

Seth Godin

# 15. Goal setting mistakes

Speaking of goal setting, Ali Davies addresses a goal setting mistake, and of course, how to get past it. She calls it “goal setting by menu” and falling into the trap of “randomly picking something that has caught their attention that seems a good idea at the time.” A timely post for getting some perspective about your goals. My last post also deals with goals in the form of New Year’s Resolutions.

# 16. 5 Bad habits to break for entrepreneurs in 2013

Many entrepreneurs set up routines that include both good and bad habits. Some of them are made and managed at a sub conscious level. It’s important for us as business owners to challenge our habits and negative thinking patterns. Daniel Melo talks sense in his post 5 Bad habits to break for Entrepreneurs in 2013. The best advice I have ever read about combatting fear is his comment “Let go of fear by following your gut!”

# 17. 20 Top web design and development trends 2013

Craig Grannell talks to top industry figures about the web design and development trends you should be mindful of over the coming 12 months. Industry figures predict a year of design shifts, evolving device usage, and web consumption adjustments, all of which will impact on designers and developers. And it looks like Apple better watch out! Education is prominent in the list with an increase in events aimed at teens and youngsters. Code Club in the US and of course our very own Irish born CoderDojo are ensuring the kids are developing the skills they need to become ace programmers and hackers.

# 18. Link Bingo and the NNI Member hypocrisy

A big shout out to David Quaid’s post on SEO myths, a satirical look at the interaction between traditional media and the Internet. An interesting read, and lessons to be learned by us mortals coming into 2013, with a new kind of social age about to unfold.

# 19. Me and Kim Kardashian splashing in the sea!

OK, not me personally, but certainly Greg Canty of is thinking good thoughts for 2013. I recommend you follow Greg’s posts – he is a PR and marketing expert, and consistently shares excellent content on a regular basis. Greg is not yet a Seth Godin, but watch this space! He even has hair. His recent post about Kim Kardashian uniquely challenges us to make a splash in order to be noticed in social media circles.

# 20. RAK – 22 random acts of kindness

Sure we have to finish with a soppy one for you 🙂 is a highly visual art and design magazine dedicated to showcasing the world’s most creative artworks and offbeat products. Their post Random Acts of Kindness are a form of “Pay it Forward” and mostly unconditionally (unless you read one of the comments below the post by Anon who has an ulterior motive for EVERY act in the post. I wouldn’t fancy sharing good news with them!)

Although these are past events, I am hoping they will inspire you to be more generous in small ways in 2013.

Have you any great posts or stories you read recently that will inspire for 2013? Please share with us below…

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