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Is DATA SCIENCE for Indian Students a Good CAREER Choice?

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Career choice has always been a very confusing matter of life because, we have a lot of options and we actually do not know which one to choose, because exploring a number of different career paths in real time is not possible. But looking at various technologies, Data Science also seems to be a great career path for youths of India as well as other tech developing countries. This technology allows best data storage, high business analytics, and best decisions to be taken in business. With such advantages, the companies in India as well as outside India has become fond of data science and big data and has opened a huge bulk of opportunities for a career in data and its related domains. In this article of mine, I will be writing reasons why data science can be a right career choice for the Indian students also.

High-ceilinged Demand for Data Science Experts

Demands for professionals who have already acquired knowledge on data science are now considered as diamonds in the industry. According to the experts, the demand for data science is growing immensely in India like in any other countries in the world. In this country, the need for data science experts is far above the ground in both the government sectors as well as private sectors. It is not only required in the industries but also in the medical as well as agricultural science too. There is a gap between skilled professionals and requirements in data analytics in both the public and private sector industries. So a high demand of it prevails in the country’s industrial needs. The Statistical Analysis System of India has recently tied up with the business school in Calcutta to train the postgraduate students on Big data analytics. All these measures are taken just to fill up the gap between the demand and the manpower. Similarly, OdinSchool is an upskilling platform that has taken the initiative to fill this gap. Their Data Science Bootcamp can help you prepare for a job in the sector with all the support you can ask for.

Data Analytics is your Partner for Decisions

Still, there are huge sets of data in the big organizations which are yet to be used. This increases the hunger of the companies for analytics experts people. Big companies in India as well as in any other countries believe that their best decisions in businesses don’t require the judgments of those old aged professionals anymore. Following the proper analytics, the data analyst are also taking better and powerful business decisions, improving the business intelligence. Today data science and its uses have become the primary resources for many organizations in India as well as in the whole world. So from the surveys, it is seen that by the next few years this demand will increase to its height. It is the critical time for those career-oriented youths to wet you with the knowledge of data science and analytics whereby you will be able to fill the requirements of those big companies with your powerful analytical skills. Since this technology adds value to organizations, adding this technology to your resume is the best decision a tech guy can ever make.

Enormous Employment Opportunities

The supply of man force in data science domain is still not able to fill up the demand for those data science experts. Demand is more and quantity of skilled individuals is still really less.  So the industries are still in high demand and hunger for these intelligent candidates. This is not only in India but is growing in almost all the countries of the world. India is very rich in Analytics, but still, the manpower seems to be very less and not able to touch the command. Since we are rich in analytics, the number of skilled people is also expected to be higher. There are huge vacancies in the job for data scientists, which needs to be filled by the best competitors.

A Top Precedence is Growing  Everywhere

Since the structured, as well as unstructured data in the industries, are flourishing so handling those data in an arranged approach is the highest priority today. So, improving the performances of big data analytics again led to the hiring of more people. Data Analytics boosts up a lot in the search engine optimization activities, social media optimization activities and hence enhances the digital marketing and insight sales activities of the companies. The Deloitte survey tells that 65 percent of the businesses are helped by big data analytics and that is actually a very high percentage and good news for our data science techies.

Income Portions

Since the demand for analytics is increasing more and more but still the number of skilled professionals are not to the level to compensate the entire demand, so those limited people who polished with the ultimate skills of Big data science are making the companies pay huge bucks of money. Do take advantage of such opportunities and start training yourself on data from today itself.

Taking up of Data Science

Technologies are making their way out to perform big data analytics on a broader platform. It is proved by a report from the data warehousing institute that almost one-third of the businesses use newer analytics on data science in performing their day to day business tasks. Since data science has become a competition for executives and companies, so the use of this technology also has increased proportionally. Since the domain has increased so vibrantly, now opportunities for dealing with those analytics has also increased to the core.

In Big data analytics use, the most used tool is the Apache Hadoop tool in the organizations. Along with this, open source, as well as other commercial frameworks are also used.

Why it Actually is a Must?

The data science is not used by companies only because there is a lot of data to manage, but it is also because there are other technologies in which data analytics are used tremendously. It is seen that people with knowledge of data science have opportunities not only in big data analytics but also in all other domains where this domain is being used or is going to be used. In marketing, Analytics track the way shoppers do shopping of a product and accordingly determines the future market of the same product. The utilization of data science in the medical industry is not new and is still flourishing richer. Research and development in the manufacturing industry also seek a high amount of manpower for better and brighter research results. Big data can even purify the environment by giving measures of the surrounding atmospheric conditions. These domains just need people who can make use of such tools.

Even the Indian army is using big data tools in activities like prevention programs, detecting disturbances, security, and safety etc. Those google apps that use big data are contributing immensely to make India a smarter country like any other developed countries. if you are an expert in big data analytics you will be having an immense number of career options, not only in data management but also in several other kinds of fields relating to. By gaining skills in any of the three analytics such as Prescriptive, Predictive and Descriptive you can work as data scientists, data analysts, data engineer, architect, consultants and much more.

A massive group of companies in India and also outside India including MNCs as well as domestic companies are using data science with unstoppable speed. Companies like IBM, GoodData, Oracle, Microsoft, and hundreds of other companies are using this for fulfilling their business desires creating huge jobs for you.

No matter how advanced data science will be, it will always need manpower to make it work.  People who will be excited to learn data, think data and play with data all the time, are always welcomed. A technical person with a huge ability to work with data analytics is a diamond for any company. The salaries of those skilled data science techies are so high that it gives a very clear picture that choosing this path and brushing up yourself with these skills is the best career path you can have.

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