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Tips to Pass the PMP Certifications Exam on a First Attempt

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A PMP certification is not a decorative wall piece, rather it is a testimony to the time and effort that you have put in enhancing and mastering your skill sets. Though the role of a Project Manager Professional has undergone a sea change over the last one decade, you still require to clear the exam before achieving that elusive certification. Now, you can either spend years to get the certification, or you can get your study pattern right to clear it in the first attempt itself.

Since you are appearing for the exam of a manager, it goes without saying that dedication, hard work, and smart study methodologies are expected of you. What we have shared below are the study methodologies that you can help you clear the prestigious exam and get your project management certification in the first attempt itself.  

The PMBOK is your savior

PMI is the authority that grants the certification. It is crucial that you study their guide PMBOK thoroughly. Go through the practice tests and get acquainted with the kind of questions asked over the years. Remember, the book is upgraded regularly, it is therefore essential that you study the latest one. Despite your experience, there may be areas where you are incorrect or unclear, take help of experts.

The experts are here to help

There are several PMP experts you can turn to with your problems. Some within your organization may provide help free of cost. But, it is always advisable to seek the help of professional educators. They have the experience of handling questions from a wider student base. They can even guide you on the changes experienced by professionals in the field. Keep in mind, they will be able to provide you with better insights on the subject matter.

The subject matter is essential

You would be thinking, “Of course the subject matter is essential, what a silly thing to say here.” But, the subject matter is vast, and even with your experience, you may have difficulty in understanding. For the ease of participants, the matter is divided into sections. What you need to pay attention to is the percentage allocated by PMI to each section. Take note because you will have to plan your study schedule accordingly.

The rote will never help

Project management is all about the best route you will adapt to deliver a project. As a professional, you would be acutely aware of how important it is to understand a concept before processing a delivery. The same rule applies here. Rote will not help. You need to understand each concept before you start your practice. This is a key factor to clear your exam in the first attempt.  

The exam is a project

Treat your exam like a project –  plan, organize, implement. Plan – will you continue with office, the study by yourself or join PMP training course offered online by various institutes. Organize – your schedule, decide the number of hours you will devote to your study and the topics you will cover. Factor in the emergencies, or pitfalls. You probably know that the last one is the most difficult – implement – ensure your plan is followed accurately.

The practice tests

As a professional, you would be acutely aware of the importance of practice. The saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ could not find a better platform. Practice your PMBOK. Apart from that, there are enough online tests you can take to judge your performance. If you join a PMP training certification, they will provide tests as per subject matter, and even help you time your ability to complete the tests. Check out the 10 Reasons to do a PMP Certification

Last but not least

There is some wisdom passed on from ages, eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, drink lots of water, don’t forget to rest, and most important, say no to stress. All together these seem a lot, but if incorporated in your daily routine, they can actually help for better preparation, not only for the PMP exam but also for everything that life puts in your path.

As a professional, the above factors may not be something new to you. But, while planning or prepping for such an important exam, reiterating them can cause no harm. In fact, they are the essentials you should adopt to ensure that after PMP you can start dreaming of a PgMP.

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