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Facebook Case Study: The Premium Butcher ‘Summer Scorcher’ BBQ Competition

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I recently worked with 


In a rapidly changing market the Premium Butcher has answered customer demands by setting up their very own online meat shop. As this shop approached its first birthday, our task was to help the team promote this online shop via their Facebook page.

The objective:

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The page was relatively new and it had only a few hundred fans . When the Premium Butcher team also offered us a prize to use as an incentive, we decided that the best approach was to initially grow their Facebook community through a competition.

The Facebook competition and app:

We came up with a simple idea: The Premium Butcher Summer Scorcher BBQ Competition.We would give people the opportunity to win a BBQ and meats for themselves and their Facebook friends. We built the app below.

To enter the competition, the user had to:

  1. Like the Premium Butcher Facebook page
  2. And then nominate and invite up to nine of their  Facebook friends.

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The results:

The competition and app ran for just over three weeks with the winner announced on the 29th of July.

[youtube width=”325″ height=”244″][/youtube]

On Facebook, it resulted in:

  • 2248 app engagements
  • 1489 new fans

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Engagement levels:

A key consideration was to try an ensure that these new fans continued to engage with the page after the competition finished.

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Visits to the website:

Traffic to the website saw an increase of +60% and this traffic has continued after the competition.

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However the most encouraging statistic by far is that sales have now almost doubled when compared with the levels achieved beforehand. Of course it would be foolish to claim that this increase was down to the Facebook comp alone but it definitely was a contributory factor.

Have you run Facebook competitions?

Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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