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The World’s Top 50 Growth Hackers on Twitter

Growth hacking is an emerging discipline and an increasing number of people are calling themselves “growth hackers”. But who are the people creating this trend, driving conversation and sharing ideas on Twitter?

I’ve been doing my research and found many growth hackers are (perhaps unsurprisingly) Silicon Valley-based and working for a combination start-ups, well-known technology companies and/or VC firms. There’s also a noteworthy and developing growth hackers scene in Ireland, the UK and other technology clusters throughout Europe. Despite this, it can be tough keeping up with the latest growth hack news, best practice and success stories.

To overcome this challenge I decided to identify the best growth hackers. There were many great contenders, but I narrowed the list down to 50. How did I come up with the list? I took into account the person’s career, how often they tweet and the type of content they share.

Being completely honest, trying to rank these experts more precisely and come up with a top 10 was fraught with difficulties. So, rather than create some spurious ranking, I’ve just created a top 50.

Here are the world’s best growth hackers on Twitter:

#1. Aaron Ginn

Growth for @everlane @stumbleuponand @MittRomney 2012. Cofounder of@lincolnlabs. Rep for @cagop. Saved by grace for a mission (Mt 28:16-20).#crossfit #bboy

#2. Alexis Ohanian

Cofounder & exec chair @reddit, part time partner @YCombinator + proud cat dad

#3. Alex Turnbull

CEO & Founder, @Groove. Previously Co-Founder, BantamLive (acquired by Constant Contact). Love simple software and big waves. On a Journey to 500k a Month.

#4. Andrew Chen

I like nerdy stuff. Ex-venture capital and adtech. Author of

#5. Andy Johns

Growth at Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Ex-EIR Greylock. Current Director of Growth and Revenue at Wealthfront where we make world-class investing easy & accessible

#6. Antonin Cohen

@KanaVape‘s Founder. Passionate about innovation, freedom rights,@kitesurf#reggae #jungle music. Love to travel and connect people!

#7. Avinash Kaushik

Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day | Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google | Co-Founder, Market Motive

#8. Blake Masters

Co-author of @ZeroToOneBook. Co-founded Judicata. formerly @box,@StanfordLaw 12, @Stanford 08

#9. Brad Feld

I’m a VC at Foundry Group. I live in Boulder, Colorado, invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons, and read a lot.

#10. Brian Balfour

VP Growth @ HubSpot, Formerly EIR @ Trinity Ventures, Co-Founder at Boundless, Viximo, and PopSignal.

#11. Casey Armstrong

Startups, marketing + growth, software, travel, sports, tech, surfing in some order with my son & wife at the front.

#12. Chamath Palihapitiya

Former @Facebook. Founder @s23p,@weavingcapital. Co-founder @glookoinc@brilliantorg@betterpha,@liveathos. Owner @Warriors. Aspiring Merchant of Progress

#13. Conrad Wadowski

Co-Founder @UseFedora and@GrowHack. Growth hacker, now changing education.

#14. Dan Martell

Canadian. Entrepreneur. Previously CEO/Founder @getmoreclarity &@flowtown. Mentor @500 Startups. Investor in many. 

#15. Dan McKinley

Etsy old timer, currently Stripe

#16. Daniel Sosa

Analytics and Marketing @EffinAmazing / Entrepreneur: Founder @Ocoostweets – partner @FRESHeTECH / Life: Hockey -Triathlete – Table Tennis – Travel – Fitness.

#17. Danielle Morrill

Cofounder & CEO @Mattermark

#18. David Arnoux

Growth magician at  and  I’m all about #growthhacking #analytics and #cro. I’m also addicted to GIFs and Converse.

#19. Eamonn Grant

Head of Online  by Nature. Director of – Founder of  , , lecturer

#20. Elliot Shmukler

VP Product and Growth @Wealthfront. Previously led Growth (20M to 200M+) and consumer products (Profile, Endorsements, People You May Know, etc.) @LinkedIn

#21. Evan Solomon

Co-founder of Run Hop. Formerly: Medium, Automattic &  in reverse chronological order.

#22. Gustaf Alströmer

Product & Growth @Airbnb. Previously Growth @Voxer

#23. Hartley Brody

tech lead, author and amateur adventurer. i tweet about startups, web dev, marketing, leadership and the great outdoors.

#24. Hiten Shah

Started two SaaS companies,@CrazyEgg and @KISSmetrics with @NeilPatel. One is self-funded & the other is venture backed. I enjoy helping others think.

#25. Ian Lurie.

CEO of Portent. Speaker. Marketer. SEO. I blog at . I tweet marketing & news 5-8 times/day. Randomness, more often.

#26. Jakub Linowski

UI designer who very much enjoys sketching, evaluating, detailing, optimizing, and discussing user interfaces. @wireframes and editor.

#27. Jason Cohen

Marketer. Technologist. Entrepreneur. Musician. Husband. Dad. Music/Super Hero/SciFi Geek.

#28. Jason Fried

Founder & CEO at Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals). Co-author of Getting Real, Remote, and NYT Bestseller REWORK.

#29. Jeremy Liew

overcompensating for a geeky youth

#30. Joanna Lord

VP of Marketing at Porch, tech advisor, blogger. Growth marketer at heart. Obsessed with fashion and the visual web.

#31. Josh Elman

Partner, @GreylockVC@Medium,@Superme@AppMeerkat@Operator@Nextdoor. Past: Twitter, FB Connect, LinkedIn, RealPlayer. Seeking crazy ideas in social, IOT

#32. Kain Tietzel

Founder of Virtual Reality Studio  Growth Hacking Consultancy  and co-founder of 

#33. Kanyi Maqubela

Partner at @collabfund. lover, not-fighter

#34. Kieran Flanagan

Marketing Director (EMEA) @hubspot and general marketing nerd. I tweet on content marketing, inbound marketing, growth hacking.

#35. Luke Wroblewski

Humanizing technology. Founded: Polar (Google acquired) Bagcheck (Twitter acquired) Wrote: Mobile First, Web Form Design, Site Seeing. Worked: Yahoo, eBay, NCSA

#36. Marino Fresch

Marketing for Eventbrite UK & Ireland. Husband, dad, long distance runner and big geek.

#37. Matthew Barby

Award winning blogger, industry speaker, Digital & Content Strategist , lecturer .

#38. Michelle Sun

Founder @firstcode. Prev. Growth@Buffer@BumpTech. Mentor@Hackbright. Blogs at @HuffPost. Love yoga, French press coffee, Japanese whisky

#39. Mike Greenfield

data geek; entrepreneur; co-founded Circle of Moms; Team Rankings; early data guy at PayPal, LinkedIn

#40. Nathan Barry

Founder and Designer at ConvertKit. Hobbies: writing books, playing soccer, traveling, and designing software.

#41. Neil Patel

I’m an entrepreneur who likes to blog. I have started two SaaS analytics companies, @CrazyEgg and@KISSmetrics with @hnshah. I love all things business.

#42. Nichole Elizabeth

SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist. Moderator at @ProductHunt & @GrowthHackers. Previously: Growth at @Inboundorg. INFJ. I love foxes!

#43. Paul Graham

#44. Rand Fishkin

Moz founder, author, blogger, husband to @everywhereist, tiny Techstars investor, & feminist. I tweet 30-40X/week about marketing, SEO, technology, & startups.

#45. Ryan Holiday

Author of ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ . Media Columnist: New York Observer

#46. Sandy Carter

Sandy is an avid traveler, social media lover, & GM of IBM for Ecosystems & a Social Business Evangelist!! Disclaimer: Tweets are my own!

#47. Sean Ellis

First or early growth marketing at Dropbox, Eventbrite, Lookout, LogMeIn (IPO), and Uproar (IPO). Now CEO/Founder Qualaroo and .

#48. Seth Godin

Author, blogger, a lifetime of projects. This is a retweet of my blog.

#49. Tommy Griffith

SEO @Airbnb, previously @PayPal. Side project is ClickMinded, SEO training for startups

#50. Will Critchlow

I run Distilled, enjoy cooking, playing basketball and drinking whisky (in nearly any order)

What do you think of the list of growth hackers? Have I missed anyone out? Who would you add? I’d love to hear your thoughts, views and suggestions in the comments below.

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