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Be Ruthless To Be Your Best

Sometimes in our professional life we get stuck doing things that we have always done, aren’t creative in our thinking or are just doing what everyone else is doing. STOP! Making your business the best it can be won’t come from being the same as everyone else or doing the status quo. It may be time to take a hard look at what you are offering, how you offer it and what your goals are to be where you really want to be.

Step One:

Take an honest assessment of your products: Whether you are offering a professional service, a craft, a whole line of kitchen ware or dabbling in the ebook trade you need to lay your products in front of you and ask yourself if those are things that you would buy. Do they still meet your needs?Do you like offering them? Do you think they say, “hey, I’m special”, or is there a lack of interest laying in front of you?

Step Two:

The hardest part is getting rid of what isn’t working for you, but you have to be ruthless. Don’t just keep selling a product or service because everyone else is offering it. If it isn’t working for you, you aren’t making anything off of it, or it doesn’t scream your brand you need to dump it. If it is service start transitioning your current clients away from that product and if you have a shop put the darn things on sale – at a deep discount. You need to rid yourself of things that aren’t boosting your business 100%

Third Step:

What do you really want to offer? This is where you get to put your creative hat on. Service businesses go check out people you admire and see what cool things they are doing, turn a passion into a profit center, or start doing the things you really love and saying no to the things that make you queasy. Retailers start building inventory in things that you admire and respect. Paw through catalogs, talk to your vendors, go to shows, see what is out there and bring it back and showcase it as the New You.

It is hard to escape being like everyone else and get out of our own ruts. When we do, though, we can start living our passions and experiencing our wildest dreams. Look hard at what you are offering, be ruthless getting rid of what doesn’t work, and start selling your most exciting products – life doesn’t get better then being our best!

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