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20 Easy Ways To Grow Your Company Facebook Page And Fans

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Are you looking for proven ways to grow fans on your Facebook page? Are you a page admin that would like to know how to build strong relationships with  fans and turn them into customers and advocates for your brand? Maybe this is the post for you, here are my ’20 Easy Ways To Grow Your Facebook Page And Fans’:

# 1. At the start, get help from friends and family

With no engagement and fans, it’s most difficult at the very start. But you are already connected to both your friends and family. They will be supportive of you and your business. Message them, asking them to become fans and help promote your new page.

# 2. Integrate a Facebook social plugin on your website or blog.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of driving fans is to include a Facebook plugin on your website.

# 3. Don’t forget your other social networks

If you have already built a Twitter following or have a popular LinkedIn group, make sure to reach out and let them know about your page.

# 4. Invite your newsletter subscribers

Send out an invitation to your newsletter subscribers letting them know about your page and encourage them to join using an incentive.

# 5. Leverage all your traditional advertising channels

With social, always think interaction! Include your Facebook page and a reason to like in all your traditional advertising channels including TV, radio, newspapers, brochures, flyers, business cards etc.

# 6. Display at your physical location/s

Carrying on with the interaction theme,  put your page details somewhere that they will be seen in your shop or your office.

# 7. Let your existing customers know

Your existing customers can be your first great brand ambassadors on Facebook, if

  1. you let them know and
  2. engage with them in the right way.

# 8. Get new fans by offering a special incentive

Whether it is preferential treatment, special offers or access to exclusive content, one of the simplest and most effective methods to get people to like your page is to offer them something special  in return.

Example: Krishna De

# 9. Be authentic and stimulate interaction

Too many companies merely use Facebook to blast their message. Instead, take the time and make an effort to pose questions, ask for opinions and invite people to engage with you.

# 10. Make a special welcome video

Customise your landing page to include a welcome video for new fans. Explain a little about your business, your Facebook page and why people should become fans.

# 11. Tag people and pages

Status-tagging (use the @ symbol) is a great Facebook networking tool. When you’re mentioning people or companies, make sure to tag an author or page to alert their attention.

# 12. Ask your fans to share and like your content

Another common sense way to get your community to help grow your page is to simply ask them to ‘Like’ your updates and ‘Share’ your posts with their friends.

# 13. Ask your fans to tag your photos

If you hold or attend live events, take pictures, then load them to your fan page and ask people to tag themselves or the people they recognise.

# 14. Comment and like as your page

‘Use Facebook as page’ and then go network. Commenting, liking and participating on other pages as your page is a great way to get noticed.

# 15. Run a contest or sweepstakes

You’re going to need to build/use a Facebook app, and pay close attention to the promotional guidelines. That said, contests or sweepstakes are still some of the quickest ways to increase your fan count.

# 16. Use the Facebook Questions Feature

The question feature is a great way to poll your existing fans and drive some new ones. Use questions that are relevant, fun and interesting.

Example: Social Media Ireland

# 17. Recognize and thank your most active fans

[youtube][/youtube] Example: Mykidstime

Recognize and thank those fans that put in the most effort on your behalf. Be on the lookout for those that share, comment and like the most and thank them through ‘Fan of the’ initiatives.

# 18. Use Facebook ads

Facebook’s ads remain some of the most targeted traffic you can buy. It’s particularly useful if you are running a campaign or promotion on your page because it allows you to see exactly how many users are in your target market and area.

# 19. Network with other page admins

Find, network and build relationships with other page admins, then discuss and discover ways as to how you can work together going forward.

# 20. Continue to learn how-to use Facebook to build really committed relationships with your fans

Whether it is for research and development, finding and recruiting new employees or crowd scouring great new ideas for marketing and content – Facebook can be an incredible communications tool for your business, don’t waste it!

If you have any other suggestions, please share them in the comments below.

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