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10 Prominent Ideas To Start Your Business Without Spending Too Much

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Looking for the creative and productive entrepreneurship opportunities to get started? Now is the time to do it. With the constant evolution in technology, crowdfunding, and the social media platforms, 2016 seems to be the greatest year to starting your business.

Still, don’t know where to start? No worries! There’s a lot of trends popping up now and then, and as an entrepreneur, you will capitalize on them without spending too much. Here, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of 10 prominent and

#1. Instagram Consulting

As we all know, the social media platforms will be the next big thing in the world of Internet. Instagram is one of them, but people don’t know how to use the Instagram to market their product accurately.  So, if you have some experience of marketing, social media, and you’re passionate about Instagram and photography, you can start your own consulting business. You can earn money by helping other businesses in improving their social media presence.

#2. Freelancing

You can also start a freelancing business as well. is the top website, which lists more than a million freelance projects. You can choose the projects as per your abilities such as article writing, academic writing, data entry, data processing, Excel projects, website development and much more.

#3. Blog Or Website

One more thing that you can do to make money is to create your own blog or website. You can earn money by displaying ads and the sale of products and services. Although, there are a number of money making blogs, but it’s always best to choose the model that best suits your skills and interests. For instance, you can easily pull in hundreds of dollars in just a month with no frills blog by just using the paid blogging sites.

Moreover, you can also make a website to generate passive income. It might be an e-commerce site information portals, social communities or simple article pages for affiliate or referral programs.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to the affiliate marketing, it’s the process of promoting a particular product or service and earning commission whenever the referred user will make a purchase based on your recommendations.

It’s a fact that affiliate marketing is a huge and lucrative industry that caters a wide spectrum of fields and topics. Let’s take an example; if you’ve got an interest in fitness, then you can make money online by promoting fitness related courses or videos. And if you’re a fashion freak, then you can earn money by referring products to your family and friends. Amazon, Click Bank and Commission Junction are some of the biggest affiliate marketplaces that you can join.

#5. Sell Products Or Services Online

Another best way to earn money is to set up your own online business or company to sell products or services you have. It might be an online shop selling products, web hosting or a web design company, offer copywriting or internet marketing services. It is easy to start a business, if you hire competent and knowledgeable people and you have got connections within that specific niche you’re planning to excel. That’s why it’s quite important to do some in-depth research before finalizing a particular niche for your business.

#6. Health Club For Millennial

As per the recent reports published by The Future 100, millennial tries to drink less alcohol and are becoming more focused on health and fitness. It means health and fitness industry is the next big thing.

You can now start a health club or fitness center, which is particularly focused on millennial. It must be a great way to capitalize on the trend. But for this, you need to involve a retail design agency for the club’s blueprint. An expert Shopfitter will design your club nicely and make it a pleasant place to be in. If you put in some effort, time and money to make your fitness center great, people would love to talk about it and recommend to others.

It would be more profitable if you focus on creating a well-built, amusing and engaging social media presence and involve young member and the potential customers both at the same platform.

#7. Kid-friendly App

As a matter of fact, gaining the loyalty of kids is an excellent idea, as they’re your future clients. As per the reports revealed by Common Sense Media, almost ¾ of children have the mobile access. So, this is the biggest business opportunity ever for the ones who specialized in making products or design apps, just for kids.. Also, you can win their parent over too, if you stay more into educational or health stuff.

#8. Software Training

If you are specialized in software’s and all, you’ll get paid a lot. Believe me! You just have to teach professionals and amateurs who want to expand their skill sets. Although, there are some technical manuals available online, they are too expensive for the average person. You can arrange private sessions or small workshops and charge per hour for the full program. You can do it part-time as well.

#9. Health Care Consulting

The present health conditions and the changes in the Affordable Care Act reveals that the health care industry is on the boom as well, and it will continue to grow and expand in upcoming years.

For an average person, there’s an opportunity to work as an independent health care consultant. You can offer your management and data analysis services for organizations such as labs, hospitals and therapist offices in implementing solutions to enhance efficiency and making money. If you have graduated in economics or marketing, now is the time to put it to use.

#10. Women’s Health Platform

If you’re a woman and looking for a creative yet profitable business idea, you might launch business to help other women. You might start an online platform to fulfill women’s health needs or create some other source that links women valuable products and resources in one place. It would be, no doubt, a meaningful and fruitful business for the year 2017.

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