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Wishing You All A Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

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The team at Tweak Your Biz would like to wish our East Asian readers a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. With a global readership we probably have 10’s of 1,000’s worldwide celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Snake.

With the world growing smaller by the day because of new technology it means we can deal with other countries as though they were just down the road. Therefore Tweak Your Biz believes it is very important to understand the different cultures and needs of our global readership. We would also welcome new contributors from Asia-Pacific so please

The following collection of posts have been written by our contributors with the Far East in mind however we would like to know what business topics matter more to you in the Far East; perhaps what challenges that are faced that Europeans may take for granted over here.

Doing Business In Singapore A recently new contributor to Tweak Your Biz, Aidan Healy is originally from Ireland but now living in Singapore. A chartered accountant he now focusses on setting up businesses abroad, especially in Singapore and Asia, and he highlights the advantages in forming a company in the thriving Singapore. From company formation to location, visas to business cultures, Aidan explains everything you need to know.

Elish Bul-GodleyWhat The Year Of The Snake Could Predict: 8 Best Practice Tips For Business  One of our regular contributors is Elish Bul-Godley who describes herself as “A 3rd Generation descendant of the Irish Diaspora born in Singapore, now in Dublin. Someone who has negotiated the Cultural changes when migrating from Singapore to Ireland, with a strong sense of her Far Eastern origins and Irish Roots.”  Elish recently wrote about the Year of the Snake and the comparisons that can be made with business, providing some great “snake smarts” that even I, being petrified of snakes, can acknowledge are very clever.

6 Ways To Handle Opaque And Fast Changing Sales Environments In Asia Sylvain Lejeune lives in Singapore and wrote this great piece for Tweak Your Biz about ways to be successful in selling within Asia and understanding the different cultures – the pros and cons to look out for. The different culture can be a barrier to business and Sylvian points these barriers out and how to get over them to create a successful business relationship.

What You Need To Know About Chinese Markets: Insight From CBi China Bridge Another post from Elish highlights how Western businesses need to understand Chinese customers and companies in order to develop business between East and West. Elish uses insights from Cathy Huang of CBi China Bridge from a talk that she gave in Dublin last year.

Sylvia LejeuneCan You Close Your B2B Sales Engagements On Relationships Alone In Asia?  And finally another insightful post from Sylvain explaining the best ways to deal with businesses in Asia and how strong relationships are key to succeeding. As with all business a good working relationship is important but Sylvain explains how it is even more vital in Asia and how to achieve this successfully. Ensuring you have a strong business case and quick payback time are the most valuable factors according to Sylvain.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the above posts and we’d like to wish you prosperity, longevity and good luck. May you be happy and prosperous, “Gong xi Fa Chai”.

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