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Why We Write For Tweak Your Biz

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Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone) is a business blogging community that has been online for three years. In those years it has grown into a recognised international online publication. 

Having different contributors who are all experts in their field makes TYB a “go to” place for original, bona fide and relevant articles which are helpful to everyone. I thought I’d ask a few of the regular contributors what they see as the benefits for writing for Tweak Your Biz and here are their answers below:

Anton McCarthy 

Community – it’s always about the people and this always has to come first – there is a real sense of community and this is driven by the community manager first and foremost.

Sharing – people are generally willing to share your content and help you get it out there for others to discover, comment on and share in turn. This helps to build your profile and make connections that you otherwise might never make.

Discovery – I’ve learned lots from reading some great articles on the site, it’s just a great place to learn and discover and get an insight into how other people see things and how they handle various aspects of business. It is somewhere that can always be relied upon to deliver in terms of tips, tricks and techniques you can implement and benefit from in your own work.

Lorna Sixsmith

Community aspect is good too – getting to know more bloggers/biz people and can further relationships in this group and on twitter etc. TweakYourBiz is a good source of knowledge for businesses.

Elaine Rogers

Interacting with like-minded people working in different industries. Members are über supportive of each other and proactively share posts outside of TYB. This is a culture created and empowered by the community manager. It all revolves around them. Keeps me writing 🙂

John Perrin

Broadcasting knowledge and experience we have all gained over time, helping others grow and have the chance to expand as the rich content gets added by everyone at TYB. The benefits have been that the circle of support via retweets, comments and likes has helped me to grow within the social media scene and with other communities.

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Elish Bul-Godley 

Writing for TweakYourBiz is good practice for writing copy and blogging in general as the more I do it the more it infects my content writing skills in other areas and it disciplines me. The network of writers and experts is in itself a draw as personally I can refer to, call upon and ask people I know about relevant topics I may be trying to grapple with personally or in my business.

It is a superior set up to other guest writing I have done because the community is proactive in Retweets and shares etc and builds momentum fast when spreading news related to the blog itself or other ideas I may bring to the group.

In short the Community is an added bonus I did not see at the start. It’s good for Crowdsourcing ideas and content too.  Interviews and profiles inserted into blogs are great for generating or cementing relationships in my sector that I would like to propagate. TweakYourBiz provides a good profile in terms of your CV or establishing your product knowledge in the sector you work in. It also provides ready and useful content for newsletters and for sharing on my community pages.

Warren J. Rutherford

I was looking for a “management-related” blog focus and when I searched over the winter I found TweakYourBiz. I find the community resource is greater than an outlet for me to write, I have learned a ton from other well-informed female and male writers skilled in other aspects of social media.

Learning from others on how the writing will benefit my business more, beyond the awareness piece. I also think the relationship with Bizsugar is a huge component for us and another outlet. 

Christina Giliberti  

There are multiple reasons to write with TweakYourBiz. The simple joy of writing a challenging post, the responsive feedback, the support from others, application of posts and yes, the community of people that become more than fellow writers – they become friends.

Elli StGeorge-Godfrey

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years (I started with Bloggertone). The Benefits-> It’s an additional outlet where I can share my expertise and saying that I’m a regular contributor gives me some additional credibility. Creating high quality posts is a continuous goal of mine and knowing that TYB has both friends and a wide reach spurs me to do well.

However, I really enjoy the camaraderie and the ability to ask questions of other talented professionals. I appreciate the give and take of sharing others’ posts and seeing my posts shared as well. The comments after each post make me think and smile. It’s a warm, inspiring and energising community! 

Gary Bembridge

So far, I have probably learnt more by following the posts and articles on TweakYourBiz / Bloggertone than writing for it. As by writing I have paid more attention and been a more “active” follower. The biggest benefit I have seen so far is getting my thoughts out to a wider audience and getting a more varied and diverse feedback and discussion than just through my blog alone. I have found more people that follow me and I follow on Twitter and blogs than would have found as a result. 

Aoife Rigney 

For me, TweakYourBiz provided the opportunity to network with the best in the industry, as well as access the experience, tips and advice of fantastic successful business people. Also, TYB helped me to blog better – both better content and structure.

I aim to produce high quality, helpful posts which are beneficial to businesses, and Tweak Your Biz encourages this. I also enjoy reading other peoples posts and being able to ask questions to those involved in TYB which I would never have been able to contact before. 

 John Twohig 

TweakYourBiz gives me access to an online community, which allows me to receive feedback on my posts from people whose opinions I respect. Add to that a resource which educates me on the use of the online space for business, win/win.  

Sian Phillips

And finally me. I have been writing for Bloggertone then TweakYourBiz from the beginning as a lot of us still involved have. I’ve watched it grow into an amazing portal of information for businesses who can tap into all the different resources available.

An important benefit to me is learning a huge amount about writing from the other members of TYB but most especially from our Community Manager Niall Devitt. Having stepped in for him now and then I realise the massive amount of time and energy that has to go into making TweakYourBiz what it is today.

It’s recent connection with Bizsugar via Anita Campbell becoming CEO has extended our reach even further. Bizsugar is a site that all SME’s should check out too for great business blogs.

And for me – apart from all the plus points mentioned by everyone else, I have gained new work from writing for TweakYourBiz, as far afield as Los Angeles and closer to home too. I’ve realised how much I enjoy interviewing people and I’m still learning every day. I have grown my network considerably and made some great friends via my peers here too. All in all it is a brilliant community to write for and be involved in.

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So from the above you can see we’d all highly recommend writing for TweakYourBiz and you can find out more here – Become A Blogger at Tweak Your Biz

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