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Welcoming The Year Of The Dragon: Business Tips From The Far East

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Did you know January 23rd 2012 heralds in the year of the Water Dragon? Even if you’re not the superstitious type well-versed in Fengshui, you could draw some business insights from the magical dragon in

Here are some excellent examples of Dragon qualities ascribed to those born in the year of the Dragon, worth having in any Entrepreneur or business venture starting up this year.

  • Charisma & Leadership – Dragons prefer leading to being led and have a flamboyance or attractive quality to their dealings that make them stand out from the norm or the normal way of doing things.
  • Creativity – Dragons need ventures or professions that allow them to express their creativity such as: inventor, engineer, architect, broker, and sales person. In a business, Creativity has got to be one of the essential qualities at a time of great change and crisis in the economic sphere.
  • Commitment – Dragons enjoy others who are intriguing, and when they find the right partners, they’ll usually commit for life.
  • Hardworking – Dragons get stressed and suffer from periodic tension/headaches, because they take so many risks. Dragons could benefit from incorporating mild healthy exercise & activity into their lives.

The year of the Water Dragon brings with it the cooling effect of water to a Dragon’s fire which is considered a good thing.

What does water teach us?

  • Adapt – The fluidity of water is always worth emulating in business especially as we live in very interesting times and need to react fast to the changing landscape. Being able to adjust our modus operandi, thinking and be quick to respond are worthwhile qualities.
  • Consensus – Rather than create discord by being confrontational, it’s time to pool together your resources, compromise and see things from other points of view. You don’t always have to be right. Your decisions, if well-researched, are usually better and more sustainable since they allow others to become involved and have legitimacy.

What kind of year do they forecast for us in the business world?

By the way, East Asian businesses do take heed of these descriptions. It’s worth bearing in mind then, if you want to impress your Asian business counterparts. Let’s take a look:

  • According to the BBC, it is thought the Year of the Dragon will be characterized by economic & political Uncertainty, Transition, & Change. Witness the potential financial upheaval in the scramble to save the Euro, consider the impending presidential elections in the US and France, as well as leadership change in China. So be Prepared.
  • Tempestuousness is a quality of the Dragon so it is thought there will be flare ups everywhere – globally, politically and in your own dealings. Therefore at a time of big change or crisis, exercise Caution and aim for Reconciliation when things go out of kilter.
  • It is said the year of the Dragon is always a successful year for business due to their Flamboyance & Exuberance. However, it is also thought dragons are not careful with their money and it will also be very easy to splurge in 2012. So time to watch your pennies and save regularly. Sound familiar? But new ventures will mostly flourish.

Take it or leave it, it still is a little nugget of folkloric wisdom to tap into. The great takeaway from this glimpse into Chinese Astrology is that there are universal qualities; be it in our personal and business lives, that’ll stand us in good stead during moments of great change, crisis or upheaval.

Agree or Disagree? What have you learnt about the year of the Dragon and what is your business advice for the year ahead in this uncertain climate? Feel free to drop in a line and add to our Dragon wisdom.

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