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Using Web Design and SEO in Tandem to Impress Google

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You might be aware that when your web development company in Noida plans the SEO for your business website, you are trying to get a good position in Google search results so that you appear in the top results and grab the attention of potential customers. You are mostly trying to impress Google to put you at the top. It is essential to understand that SEO and web design are two sides of the same coin and cannot succeed without each other.

Looking at Google’s policy for SEO, the design of the website is high on the importance scale. It does not evaluate it as a user can, but it has its parameters that are reasonably accurate at understanding if the website is what the user is looking for. Hence, good website design adds to the value of your SEO. You should aware of website bounce rates. When your website is designed with exactness then the SEO side of things needs to take care. then your bounce rate will be better. It would make happy the customers and Google as well. The better bounce rate of your website will appear with a high rank in Google.

The following tips combining the two can be successful in boosting your Google rank:

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

When mobiles were not as popular for browsing as they are in current times, Google used to index the websites based on the desktop version. Responsiveness was a criterion, but that has changed now. From the end of 2017, the indexing process has been considering mobile sites. The mobile version of the website should be considered as the initial design for a higher rank on Google search. If you are considering a design for a new website or are planning to revamp the old one, keep this in mind. Your website designing company in Noida will need to ensure that the site is responsive and all the elements appear as they do on the regular website.

Keep It Simple

Simple web design helps to attract more customers to your website. More websites are building the sidebar in the favor of a single-column design. It means less destruction and puts the focus on the content. As a web designer, you should keep your website design simple to target the audience and tell them, your website has a very specific process.

If Users Like It, Google Does Too

The bounce rate of a website is a critical evaluation factor for Google. If users visit your site and leave without spending much time, it is considered a bounce. A website with a high bounce rate is not appreciated by Google. To reduce the bounce rate, the website must be designed to engage the consumers and give them an excellent experience to make them want to revisit. The design must mainly focus on the smooth navigation and simplicity of the website so that the users can find what they are looking for. It would result in higher engagement and more backlinks – just what Google wants.

Speed Is the Name of the Game

Yes, it is all about speed. A website that takes too long to load is preferred neither by the visitors nor by Google. By Google standards, the site must load within three seconds to avoid a bounce. You can improve the speed of the website by decluttering it of unnecessary elements that slow it down. Compress the media that needs to stay and optimize the code. A faster loading website will surely climb up the ladder.

Good SEO Comes from Good Content

If your content is irrelevant and boring, all your efforts at SEO will fail. Just using keywords is not good enough. Your content must appeal to the consumers, answer the questions in their minds, and be relevant. Only then will it have the desired impact on Google. Google pays close attention to the misuse of keywords and pushes such content down on the rankings.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

If your website does not have social share buttons, you could miss social media traffic to your website. These buttons should be placed on the top or button of your blog post. They will allow you to share your page on several social media channels. When you look at the design of your website, you must ensure that the website design company in Noida has taken care to ensure that the structure and layout of the website are not confusing. A clear-cut website is easier to understand and hence is high on appeal. It should be intuitive and guide the visitors in the logically right direction.

From the discussion above, it must be clear that both web design and SEO are two different fields, but you cannot separate them. These tips will provide you an improvement in your traffic and business sales.

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