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The Story of Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom: Is Cybersecurity the New Reality?

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Protecting sensitive digital information is a central concern of governments, corporations, banks, and other high-profile organizations today. To respond to such needs, innovators like Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and Vlatacom Institute have devoted their work to creating security solutions that would help high-level agencies protect their assets.

Before we touch on the cybersecurity and ICT systems of this leading manufacturer and system integrator from Serbia, let’s take a look at a few facts.

The New Reality

The importance of cybersecurity is reflected in the funds national governments are allocating to the cause. Atlas VPN investigation reports that the US government will allot $18.78 billion to cybersecurity in 2021. Moreover, the EU will allocate €10.5 million of its funding for projects that would improve the EU’s cybersecurity capabilities and cooperation, and an additional €1.9 billion into the wide deployment of cybersecurity infrastructures and tools across the EU.

Constant improvements in cyber and ICT security that secure communications and information exchange are certainly not a state-only effort. What’s more, technology providers are also drivers of such advancements and they actively take part in the process.

Why is this important?

Today’s digital societies and economies enjoy the efficiencies and benefits of cyberspace. However, as it has become an important place for all sorts of interactions and exchanges, it requires more protection against ill-intentioned individuals or hostile organizations.

Responding to such activity requires an innovative approach and hands-on expertise. That is why governments and corporations are turning to partnerships with technology providers from the private sector.

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and Vlatacom Solutions

Vlatacom Institute was founded in 1997 by Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and has since had an upward trajectory with regard to solutions, business, and government security projects worldwide.

Since the beginning of their operations, Vladimir Cizelj surrounded by his team of experts has been developing hardware and software solutions, conducted extensive research, and worked on the integration of their systems.

In 2011, Vlatacom was first certified as a Research and Development Center by the Ministry of Science (Serbia). A few years later (2015), the Institute became the first private ICT Research and Development Institute in the country.

While working closely with national and international security departments on developing security products and systems, Vladimir Cizelj and his expert teams have won numerous quality awards for impactful government and corporate security solutions.

When speaking of digital security, their portfolio consists of state-of-the-art encryption and authentication devices that possess high-level cryptography features developed by Vladimir Cizelj’s team of specialists.

Cyber/ICT Solutions

All Vlatacom solutions are designed to provide secure communication and information exchange for governments and governmental institutions, police, military, embassies, and consulates. Furthermore, other distinctive organizations like research institutions, data centers, telecommunication operators, corporations, and banks also benefit from their innovations.

The starting point for any successful security system implementation is Vlatacom’s National Crypto Center (NCC). NCC is essential for establishing ICT security at a state/corporate level as it is used for digital identity management, authentication of devices, highly-secured e-government services, and the creation of cryptographic keys, to name a few applications.

Integral parts of NCC are True Random Number Generator (vTRNG) and Key Distribution System (vKDD). The first establishes a subsystem for state-level cryptographic key generation, while the second has a primary function in the distribution of sensitive data and cryptographic keys to end devices.

The development of fiber optics has dictated a need for encryption devices for high-capacity digital transport systems and Vlatacom’s Reliable Communication Channel (vREBECCA) does exactly that. It is also used for encryption for digital radio relay devices or lower capacity inverse multiplexing systems.

Personal Platforms

Apart from the devices for high-power technology, Vlatacom and Vladimir Cizelj have also developed portable cutting-edge devices for creating reliable communication channels designed for personal use. Those are the Personal Crypto Platform (vPCP-V) and Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration (vPCP-FC). As their names suggest, vPCP-V is used for establishing a secure voice or text communication exchange, while vPCP-FC enables a secure file exchange via insecure channels such as a public internet connection and steganography.

As you can see, all the devices are elements of the complex system and each of them is critical to the integrity of the ICT system.

Final Remarks

To conclude, cybersecurity is indeed the new reality as organizations and enterprises are increasingly relying on their digital assets and communication exchange to improve their efficiency. On the journey of cybersecurity optimization, trailblazers like Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and Vlatacom have profiled themselves as key partners to governments and corporations. Their solutions and their successful implementation is where it all starts. We can only expect to see their further development in the future.

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